Water quality detector common problems and solutions

Water quality detector is a kind of precision detection instrument to detect water quality.In the process of using water quality detector, some common problems may be encountered. Here are a few common problems and how to solve them:

Instrument readings are unstable or wrong
If the readings of the water quality meter fluctuate greatly or show wrong values, it may be due to the following reasons:

Low battery: Replace or recharge the battery.

Sensor fouling: Clean the sensor and make sure its surface is clean.

Instrument is aged or damaged: Contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

Water quality detector common problems and solutions

Calibration problem
Water quality detectors need to be calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy. If the calibration fails or the reading is inaccurate after calibration, the following solutions can be tried:

Check the validity and quality of the calibration liquid: Make sure to use fresh calibration liquid and follow the instructions for correct calibration steps.

Clean the container of the calibration solution: ensure that the container of the calibration solution is clean and there is no residue affecting the calibration.

Re-calibration: If the problem persists, try using a different calibration fluid for calibration.

Water quality detector common problems and solutions

Readings are too high or too low
If the reading of the water quality detector is significantly different from the expected value, it may be due to the following reasons:

Improperly placed or in poor contact with the sensor: Ensure that the sensor is properly placed and in full contact with the sample.

Temperature impact: Some indicators are greatly affected by temperature, you can use the temperature compensation function or correct the reading according to the temperature.

Sample contamination or foreign interference: Ensure that the sample is clean and exclude possible contamination or foreign interference.

Water quality detector common problems and solutions

Maintenance issues
Water quality detectors require regular maintenance to maintain accuracy and performance. Common maintenance problems and solutions include:

Cleaning and maintenance: Clean the instrument housing and sensor regularly and maintain according to the instructions.

Timely replacement of consumables: such as batteries, filter membrane and other consumables should be replaced regularly.

Storage and transport: Properly store and transport instruments to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity.

If you encounter problems that cannot be solved, it is recommended to refer to the water quality tester’s instruction manual or contact the manufacturer’s technical support team for professional help and guidance.

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