Disposable Protective Clothing Synthetic Blood Penetration Test Machine 


The synthetic blood penetration tester of protective clothing is used to measure the penetration performance of synthetic blood and other liquid-derived liquid jet, so as to evaluate its safety and protection performance.It is suitable for testing the penetration of synthetic blood spillage of protective clothing materials.It is widely used in the medical inspection department, safety inspection department and scientific research institute.


 Disposable Protective Clothing Synthetic Blood Penetration Test Machine 

Executive standard:

ASTM F1671-13

Astmf1670-2008 blood osmotic test

BS ISO 16603-2004

YYT 0700-2008 blood and humoral protective equipment test of penetration resistance of protective clothing materials

Technical requirements for disposable protective clothing for medical use.


Disposable Protective Clothing Synthetic Blood Penetration Test Machine 

Technical parameters:

  1. Pressure point: 1.75kpa 3.5kpa 7kPa 14kPa 20kPa
  2. Sample size: 75mm×75mm
  3. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz


Disposable Protective Clothing Synthetic Blood Penetration Test Machine 

Test principle

Penetration tank: used to hold the sample in contact with pressurized synthetic blood.In the tank, the protective clothing material is used as a barrier to separate the liquid from the viewing surface of the tank.The tank body of the test tank is fixed on a support.The tank can hold about 60 mL of liquid.The test tank is also fitted with a flange cover with an open area for visual inspection and a transparent cover.The tank body has a hole for filling the liquid and a discharge valve for discharging the liquid in the test tank.Other required components are adaptors for connecting air pipes and slots, upper holes, washers, and support nets.The schematic diagram of the test tank and its components is shown in figure 1 and figure 2.6.2 supporting net: the supporting net shall be composed of a smooth plastic or polished metal square screen, and shall meet the following requirements for the program B and D in table 1:

1) open area >50%;

2) deformation of test sample ≤5 mm.

3 air source: can provide 20.0 kPa~ 22.0 kPa air pressure.

Timer with accuracy of at least 1 s.

Balance: accuracy is at least 0.01g.

Container or measuring cylinder with accuracy of 1ml.

Thickness measuring instrument: the measuring value of thickness can be up to 0.02mm.


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