Horizontal Digital Profile Projector


The horizontal projector has stable and reliable mechanical structure and high precision magnification.It can accurately image the contour, section and surface shape of the measured workpiece to the projection screen, which is suitable for the observation and measurement of the contour shape of cutter, gear, thread and spring.


Horizontal Digital Profile Projector

Technical Specification

X axis Coordinate trip(mm)200250
Z axisCoordinate trip(mm)100150
Work table size(mm)400×150450×200
Swing range±15°±15°(can customize to ±25°)
Digital resolution(μm)0.5
Error value(μm)X、Yaxis: (2.5+L/100). Zaxis: 3.5+L/50 (LIs the length of the measured object unit:mm)
Xaxis Coordinate trip(mm)75 (focusing)100 (focusing)
Projection screenSize(mm)Ф 300Ф 400
Rotation range0~360°
Rotational resolution1’ or 0.01°
objective(CPJ-3020W)magnification10× (Optional)20× (Optional)50× (Optional)100× (Optional)
object field (mm)Ф30Ф15Ф6Ф3
work distance (mm)77.744.338.425.3
objective(CPJ-4025W)magnification times5× (Optional)10× (standard)20× (Optional)50× (Optional)100× (Optional)
object field (mm)Ф80Ф40Ф20Ф8Ф4
Work distance (mm)93.7103.995.165.735.0
Data processing systemDC-3000Multi-function digital display table, full English display, can do multi-point sampling, coordinate rotation.Point, line, circle, distance, Angle measurement
Instrument lightingtransmission: 24V/150W halogen lamp.  reflect:21V/150Whalogen lamp
Equipment accessoriesMicro printer (optional), optical edge finder (optional), M2D-CPJ software (optional), etc. — please refer to the projector attachment for details
Equipment power: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz,Rate of power: 400W


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