IZOD And Charpy Impact Tester LR-A004

Digital charpy impact testing machine is mainly used in hard plastic, reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastic, ceramic, cast stone, electrical insulating materials of nonmetal materials to the determination of impact toughness.Is the chemical industry, scientific research units, colleges and universities, quality inspection departments such as the ideal test equipment.


IZOD And Charpy Impact Tester LR-A004


This instrument for new multi-function IZOD&Charpy impact tester, without having to remove the jig and sample fixed frame, cantilever beam, the test method for automatic switch, easy to use, simple operation, high measurement precision, it is mainly used for hard thermoplastic moulding and extrusion materials, rigid thermosetting molding materials as well as the fiber reinforced thermosetting and thermoplastic composites non-metallic materials, such as the determination of impact toughness.

IZOD And Charpy Impact Tester LR-A004

Test standard:

ISO179-2000 “plastics – determination of impact strength of the simply supported beam with hard material,

GB/T 21189 < plastic beam and cantilever beam and tensile impact test with a pendulum impact testing machine test >

GB/T1043-2008 “the hard plastic beam impact test method”

GB/T8762-1998 plastic beam impact testing machine,

GB/T 18743-18743 “with thermoplastic fluid conveying pipe beam impact test method” (applicable to pipe)

ISO180-2000 “plastics – determination of hard material cantilever beam impact strength

GB/T1843-2008 “the hard plastic cantilever beam impact test method”

GB/T8761-1998 plastic cantilever beam impact testing machine,

ASTM D256-2010 “test method for determination of plastic the IZOD pendulum impact strength,

GB – T13525-1992 “plastic tensile impact test method for performance”


IZOD And Charpy Impact Tester LR-A004

Technical Specifications

NameDigital IZOD&Charpy Impact tester
IZOD SpecificationImpact energy5.5J,2.75J
Elevation in advance150°(accuracy 0.01°)
impact speed3.5m/s
Pendulum center distance335mm
The impact blade radius of the cantilever beamR=0.8±0.2mm
Impact blade to the surface distance of the tongs22mm±0.05mm
Centring sample piece1pcs
Charpy specificationElevation in advance150°
Impact energy1J,2J,4J,5J
Impact speed2.9m/s
Pendulum center distance230mm
Beam support distance40mm,60mm(or 62mm)、70mm、95mm
Chapry Impact blade radiusR=2mm±0.5mm
Impact blade Angle30°±1°
Centring sample piece1pcs
PowerAC220V±10%   50HZ











































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