LR-C005 100KN Universal Testing Machine

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LR-C005  100KN Universal Testing Machine


Max Test Force(kN) 100
Accuracy 1Level
Max force test range 2%-100%
Test force relative error value <±1%
 Load display resolution Max force 1/300000
 Distortion measuring range 2%-100%
Deformation relative error value <±1%
 deformation of resolution maximum deformation


Displacement relative error value <±1%
displacement resolution(mm) 0.001
Speed range 0.01mm/min ~ 500mm/min
Tensile stroke(mm) 650
Compression space(mm) 650
Test width(mm) 450
Grips Tensile, compression, bending, shear, peel, tear, etc
Overall dimension(mm) 868*580*2050
Servo motor power(kW) 1
Weight(kg) 600

LR-C005  100KN Universal Testing Machine

System configuration 

No Item The manufacturer and specifications Qty
1 Frame of host 1set
2 deceleration system synchronous belt 1set
3 ballscrew 2set
4 Load cell 100kN 1pcs
7 Software and control system —– 1set
8 Random tools, random files Instruction manual, installation manual, etc 1set
9 grips 1. Wedge tensile grips Flat jaw:0-7、7-14  Round Jaw:Φ4-9、Φ9-14、 Can choose 2 pairs
2. Compression fixtures Compression diatmer:φ100mm 1set