BGD 262 Intelligent Line Drying Time Recorder

This is a powerful and intelligent line drying time recorder which can meets with all different requirements about analyzing different samples’drying performance. It has three dividual pairs of tracks(each channel has two working channels).
many features as below:

Big size touch screen(5inch)and shows three channels working parameters at the same time

Very easy and convenient to set working parameters

Wide setting range for working time: from 1 minutes to 48 hours, meet with different drying performances for different samples.

Uses photoelectric sensor to accumulate and show real-time position, and can achieve accurate position which precisely corresponds to working time.

With motor drive controlling system which has our own intellectual property to ensure high precision location.

Each channel has LED indicator light to show this channel is working or not.

BGD 262 Intelligent Line Drying Time Recorder

Main Technical Parameters:

■ Working tracks:3 paris individual tracks, each track includes two working channels

■ Setting range for working time:1minute-48hours(Each trackcan be set individually.)

■ Overall Size: 600*570*240mm

■ Weight:30KG

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BGD 262Intelligent Line Drying Time Recorder

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BGD 2602Glass Panel Set (330mm×24mm×3mm,Set of 60)

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