Rapid Moisture Analyzer configures high precision weighing sensor and high efficiency halogen lamp heat device on the basis of electronic balances, to reach the rapid and accurate moisture determination. Halogen moisture analyzer is the reliable solution of determining your sample’s moisture content. This durable and affordable moisture analyzer profit from Tianjin D&T rich experience of manufacturing precise instruments and years of professional aknowledge for determination of moisture content.

Model NumberLR-QL-610ALR-QL-720ALR-QL-100A
Max.capacity (g)120120120
Capacity Readability (g)120-0.005120-0.001120-0.0001
Repeatability (Standard Error)>10g±0.01%±0.001%
Operational Temperature Range (℃)13~25
Calibration WayTemperature calibration, External weights calibrationTemperature calibration, Internal weights calibration
Pan Diameter (mm)Φ90
External Dimension (L*W*H mm)310*205*200
Preheat Time (minute)20-30
Baud Rate Options300、600、1200、2400、4800、9600
DisplayLCD liquid crystal displayLCD liquid crystal display


Heating Temperature Range (℃)60-200
Drying ProcessStandard heating, Step heating, Weight-lost heating
Moisture Display ModeRelative Moisture
Stop WayAutomatic stop, Manual stop, Timing stop
Setting Time0~99 minutes, interval 1 minute

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