Sr570 Microcurrent Preamplifier, Low Noise Input Amplifier

The SR570 is a low noise current preamplifier with current gain up to 1 pA/V. High gain, wide bandwidth and many advantages make SR570 an ideal tool for photon diversity measurements and low temperature measurements.

The SR570 has sensitivity Settings in the 1pA/V to 1mA/V range and can be set as 1; 5 in order to select. It also has a vernier gain regulator, and you can choose any value within the sensitivity range. To optimize the performance of the device, the gain can be set at different levels of the amplifier in low noise mode. The gain is placed at the front of the amplifier to maximize the noise performance. Behind it is the wideband wide-mode gain, which improves the frequency response of the front end of the amplifier. In low drift mode, the input amplifier is replaced by an amplifier with a very low input current, which reduces the DC drift of the device by a factor of 1000.

Sr570 Microcurrent Preamplifier, Low Noise Input Amplifier
Technical specifications:

Inputvirtual zero or user set bias voltage (soil 5 V)
Input offsetSoil 1 pA to 1 mA adjustable DC compensation current
Maximum input5 MA
NoiseSee figure on previous page
Sensitivity1-2-5 from 1 pA /V to 1 mA /V(Adjusted vernier with 0.5% stride)
Frequency responseEarth 0.5d to 1MHZ (adjustable front panel frequency response compensation for source capacitance)
Ground wireThe amplifier floats completely empty. Rear panel provides amplifier and case grounding. The input field can float up to 40V.


Sr570 Microcurrent Preamplifier, Low Noise Input Amplifier

Signal filter
2 configurable (low-pass or high-pass)6 dB/oct roll-down filters. A -3 dB point can be set from 0.03 H to 1 MH in a 1-3-10 sequence.
Income distribution
Low noise
Gain is allocated to the front end for optimal noise performance
High bandwidth
Reduce the front-end gain for optimal frequency response
Low drift
Low bias current amplifiers are used to reduce drift at high sensitivity
Filter reset
The long time constant filter can be reset using the front panel buttons

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