This instrument is suitable for surface roughness measuring on hard surface, widely used for measuring metal and non-metal parts, a variety of machining parts in the field of machinery processing manufacturing, testing, commodity inspection and other quality control departments. especially suitable for on-site measuring of large work pieces and production lines, as well as for mobile measurement by the inspection room, measurement and commodity inspection department, the measuring won’t cause damage to the work piece.


  • Mechatronics design, embedded printer can directly print out measurement results and graphics
  • External drive unit, allows more flexible measurement in side, upward, and other orientation
  • 320μm large measuring range (enhanced type up to 640μm, optional)
  • 5 inches color graphic LCD touch screen with backlight provide high brightness and wide viewing angle
  • Easy button and touch screen dual operation
  • The display information is rich, intuitive, and displays all parameters and graphics
  • Compatible with ISO, DIN, ANSI, JIS and many national standards
  • Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, charging control circuit, high capacity, no memory effect
  • include charge indicator, charging hint
  • Continuous working time is more than 50 hours
  • Large internal memory: 100 groups of original data and waveform can be stored
  • Real-time clock setting and display, convenient for data recording and storage.
  • With automatic sleep, automatic shutdown and other power-saving functions
  • Reliable circuit and software design to prevent the motor stuck



Main unit, Groove sensor (non warranty parts) , 40mm Height adapter, Calibration specimen, Specimen holder, Extension cable, Touch pen, Power Charger & USB Cable, Instrument case.

Measuring rang


The Z axis (vertical)320µm (-160µm~160µm) , 12600μin (-6300μin~+6300μin)
The X axis (Transverse)17.5mm(0.69 inch)
Resolutionthe Z axis (vertical)0.002μm/±20μm0.004μm/±40μm


Ra  Rz, Rq  Rt,  Rc  Rp  Rv  R3z  R3y  Rz(JIS)  Ry  Rs  Rsk  Rku  Rmax  Rsm   Rmr  RPc  Rk  Rpk  Rvk  Mr1  Mr2
Assessed GraphicRmr curve, Roughness curve, Primary Profile, Filter waveform
StandardISO4287,ANSI b46.1,DIN4768,JISb601
Cut off length(lr)0.25,0.8,2.5mm
Assessment length(ln)Ln= lr×n    n=1~5
SensorMeasuring principleDifferential Inductance
Stylus tipDiamond, 90°/ cone angle/5μmR
ForceMeasuring force<4mN, Skid force<400mN
Guide partshard alloy, skid radius of curvature: 40mm
Measuring speedlr=0.25,   Vt=0.135mm/s    lr=0.8,    Vt=0. 5mm/s
lr=2. 5,   Vt=1mm/s        Return      Vt=1mm/s
Accurate to0.001μm
Tolerance±(5nm+0.1A)        A=Ra standard value of precise specimen
Residual Profile≤ 0.010μm
Power supplyBuilt-in Lithium ion battery 3600mAh
Main unit dimension155×145×58mm
Drive unit dimension23×27×115mm
Zoom of height adapter40mm
weightAround 1000g
working EnvironmentTemperature: – 20℃ ~ 40℃      Humidity: < 90% RH
Store and TransportationTemperature: – 20℃ ~ 40℃      Humidity: < 90% RH
Standard sensorGroove sensor
Optional accessoryMagnetic stand, height gauge and related adapter, curved sensor, small hole sensor, deep groove sensor, very small hole sensor, Extending Rod, Right Angle Rod, mini printer, 200mm platform, 300mm marble platform, software, mobile APP



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