UL-1000 Ultramicro Spectrophotometer Testing Machine

Product introduction


Ultramicro spectrophotometer is a very important analytical instrument, whether in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, materials science, environmental science and other scientific research fields, or in chemical industry, medicine, environmental detection, metallurgy and other modern production and management departments, ultramicro spectrophotometer has a wide range of important applications. Ultramicro spectrophotometer is the use of spectrophotometry for quantitative qualitative analysis of substances, often used in nucleic acid, protein quantitative and bacterial growth concentration quantitative. Ultramicro spectrophotometer has become a routine instrument in modern molecular biology laboratory

UL-1000 Ultramicro Spectrophotometer Testing Machine
Instrument characteristics


* Small amount of samples required for detection, at least 0.5ul


* Wide detection range, 100 times higher than the upper limit of traditional spectrophotometers


* No dilution is required for most samples


* Machine without preheating, direct measurement, no need to test container, daily consumption is low


* Full wavelength 190-1100nm, resolution 1nm, the instrument automatically gives full wavelength scanning results 190-850nm


* Compact size, portable packaging, to meet the needs of field testing


* More accurate and flexible measurement through PC control

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