QTY-32 type paint film bending tester correct use method

In the field of coatings and coating quality inspection, the QTY-32 paint film bending tester is an important device for evaluating the flexibility and cracking resistance of coatings. This article will show you how to properly use this instrument to ensure accurate test results.

Scope and importance of use
The QTY-32 film bending tester is widely used to evaluate the resistance of paints, varnishes and related product coatings to cracking or stripping from metal plates when bent around a cylindrical shaft under standard conditions. This is one of the important indicators to measure the performance of coatings, and has an important reference value for the selection of coating types. The equipment conforms to GB6742 national standard.

Structure principle and parameters
Working principle

The ductility of different coatings to substrate is different under different bending radius. The flexibility of the film can be determined by bending or stripping tests at different bending radii.

Main parameter

The shaft diameter of the device is available in a variety of options, ranging from 2mm to 32mm. Use the adjusting handwheel to adjust the position of the shaft to ensure close contact with the template. Suitable for samples with thickness below 1.0mm.

QTY-32 type paint film bending tester correct use method

Use and operation procedure
Sample, coat, dry and measure thickness according to product standard requirements.

Place the instrument on the edge of the bench for easy operation.

Select the appropriate shaft rod and insert it into the instrument base, and tighten it with a manual lock bar.

Lower the plate, insert the coating side of the template downward between the shaft rod and the adjusting handle, and press the template tightly with screws and batten.

Lift the plate so that the template is attached to the shaft rod.

Lower the adjusting handle to the lowest position and adjust the clamping shaft on the handle to fit the template.

QTY-32 type paint film bending tester correct use method

Gently lift the adjusting handle, bend the template 180°, and then lower it smoothly.

Turn the adjusting handwheel, lower the plate, and take out the template.

Use a 10x magnifying glass or normal vision to examine the template and record whether the coating is cracking or peeling.

The diameter of the shaft that first caused the failure can be determined according to the experimental results.

QTY-32 type paint film bending tester correct use method

Matters needing attention

In order to avoid damaging the coating during bending operation, a thin sheet of paper can be affixed to the coating surface.

If using a magnifying glass, please indicate.

If the minimum diameter shaft rod does not cause damage, it should also be recorded.

When not in use for a long time, the rod should be coated with anhydrous petroleum jelly.

Finally, to ensure the accuracy of the test results, the test should be performed at an ambient temperature of 23±2°C and a relative humidity of 50±5%. Following the above steps and precautions, the QTY-32 paint film bending tester can effectively evaluate the performance of the film, and provide reliable data support for paint selection and quality control.

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