ral color card k5 and k7 difference

RAL color cards are a standard color reference system commonly used to describe and compare the colors of various objects. RAL color cards are available in several series, including the K5 and K7 series, and the differences between them are as follows:

K5 Color card:

The K5 color card is a series of RAL color cards, also known as the K5 Classic series. It contains 213 common colors and covers a wide gamut and hue, including gray, blue, green, red, yellow, orange and more. The K5 color card has a rich selection of colors and is suitable for a variety of applications, such as architecture, design, printing and so on.

K7 color card:

The K7 color card is another series in RAL color cards, also known as the K7 Classic series. Compared to the K5 palette, the K7 palette includes more color choices, including 213 base colors, 209 bright colors, 42 pearl colors and 70 metallic colors, for a total of 534 colors. The wider color range of the K7 card allows for more choices and is suitable for more detailed applications.

ral color card k5 and k7 difference

Overall, K5 and K7 color cards differ in number and range of colors. K5 color card contains 213 common colors, suitable for general color comparison and selection; The K7 color card is more comprehensive, with 534 colors available for color demanding applications. The choice of which series of RAL color cards to use should be based on the specific application requirements and the range of color options.

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