To explore the method of coating sagging test and application

In the application of coating, flowability is an important performance index, which is directly related to the effect and quality of coating in the construction process. Sag after sex refers to the coating in the vertical surface coating, before the wet film and dry, part of the wet film to dirty because of gravity, and the extent of the fall. The purpose of flowability test is to evaluate whether the upper part of the coating will be thin, the lower part will be thick or even spherical, rippling and other undesirable phenomena.


To explore the method of coating sagging test and application

The methods and applications of streaming testing are described in detail below.

Instruments and materials

Sag test instruments are mainly flow tester, it is composed of multiple grooves and scraping TuQi, base plates placed racks. Scraping TuQi can paint coating them into different parallel wet film thickness, base is used to support the test plate. The test plate requires a flat and smooth glass plate with a size of 200mm × 120mm × 2~3mm. The application of these instruments and materials ensures the accuracy and reliability of the tests.

Method of test

At the beginning of the test, place the test plate on the base of the flow-mount tester. One end of the scraper is in close contact with the guide edge, and then the paint is placed in the opening in front of the scraper. Hold both ends of the scraper with both hands, and smoothly and continuously scrape and pull from top to bottom to ensure that the operation is flat and undulating. After scraping, place the test plate vertically immediately to allow the coating to form a flow-hanging phenomenon before the wet film dries. To observe the flow of wet film hanging, and record.

The result is expressed

A complete test usually use three pieces of test plate parallel experiment was carried out, in order to obtain more accurate results. For the same sample, the flow-over performance of the coating can be obtained by observing whether the wet film of different thickness produces flow-over phenomenon after vertical placement. The test results are expressed as the maximum wet film thickness without flow and measured in micrometers (μm). Hang this numerical value can reflect the flow of coating, can also be compared with product standards, to judge the quality of the coating.

To explore the method of coating sagging test and application

Application and significance

The flowability test is mainly suitable for the determination of the relative flowability of paint, but not for the test of the flowability of varnish and powder coating. The flow performance of coating directly affects the surface effect and quality after coating. If the flow of the coating is not good, it will lead to uneven phenomenon in the construction process of the coating, affecting the appearance and performance of the coating. Through flowability testing, manufacturers can evaluate the flowability of coatings, ensure that the coating performance and quality of products meet the expected standards, and improve the user experience.


Flowability test is one of the important means to evaluate the performance of coatings, which is related to the performance of coatings in practical application. Through a detailed understanding of flowing test method and the application of we can better grasp the performance characteristics of coating, to research and development, production and application of the coating provided the scientific basis, contributing to the development of coatings industry an important force.

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