What is ISO 6 cup

ISO 6 cup is a viscosity measuring instrument, used to measure the viscosity of liquids, mainly used in paint, ink, cosmetics and other industries. It works by measuring the volume of liquid that flows out of the cup over a specified period of time to calculate the viscosity of the liquid. ISO 6 cup is a commonly used viscosity measuring device that is particularly common in the paint industry.

What is ISO 6 cup

The following is the table of core technical parameters of ISO 6 cup:

Description of core technical parameters

Materialstainless steel
Inner diameter6mm
The measurement time25 seconds
Viscosity range10-100 s (dynamic viscosity)

Where, the viscosity range of ISO 6 cup refers to the viscosity range for which it is suitable for measurement. The unit is dynamic viscosity, usually expressed in cps (centiberth). It is important to note that ISO 6 cups are not suitable for the measurement of high viscosity liquids, which requires the use of larger caliber cups or other types of viscometers.

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