What is the reason for the failure of the sprayer in the salt spray test chamber

Salt spray test chamber can test the corrosion resistance of some commodities according to the inspection of raw materials, corrosion resistance and corrosion working ability, as well as the processing quality of similar protective layer.The test chamber is suitable for parts, electronic components and metal composite materials.And corrosion resistance and erosion tests of industrial products.Next, let’s look at the reason why the sprayer of the salt spray test chamber fails.

1. Check whether the switching power supply is plugged in, and check whether the water level of the test box and the saturated barrel are normal.You can calibrate whether the time controller can set the time by holding down the reset switch of the time controller.Then check the working pressure of the barometer.If the air compressor is not broken, try to adjust your pressure reducing valve to see if there is a reaction force.The working pressure of the rear barometer is 2kg, and the working pressure of the front barometer is 1kg, indicating that the barometer is excellent.

2. If the back barometer has working pressure, but the front barometer has no pressure, the pressure regulating valve may be damaged before troubleshooting.Relays that control spraying may also be damaged.

3. We can take out the nozzle and see if it is blocked.Cleaning methods such as nozzle blockage, air compressor can be used to clean the bronchus or use a soft feather duster to pull out the bronchus.

4, hose embrittlement, cleaning method can be stored salt water with plastic hose connected to the side of the salt spray test chamber, and the plastic hose glued to the drum.You can adjust the amount of spraying according to the speed of the drum.You can check the speed of your drum and try other plastic hoses.

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