What is the working principle of xenon lamp aging test equipment?

What is the working principle of xenon lamp aging test equipment?


Xenon lamp aging test equipment is used to simulate weather conditions such as sunlight exposure, rain and dew condensation, to test the durability of materials in light and wet environment.Xenon lamp aging test equipment provides a simulated accelerated test material aging light and wet environment, can control the light intensity to achieve accelerated test test effect, the light intensity and different wavelengths will affect the performance stability of the material.Here is a brief understanding of the working principle of xenon lamp aging test equipment.

The principle of working process of xenon lamp aging test equipment is to simulate illumination, temperature, humidity and other comprehensive effects on test materials.Light intensity, temperature and humidity are controlled by P.I.D+S.S.R.Many items will degrade under long-term lighting conditions, such as fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps and other luminous lamp sources, etc., which will cause photodegradation of items.Xenon lamp aging test equipment used by the light is mainly the destructive light wave in sunlight, such as UV, visible and infrared light and so on.The irradiation intensity in the box is equivalent to the environment under strong light in summer.

The working principle of xenon lamp aging test equipment can be divided into two parts to synergistically, one is to test the photodegradation of the test material, but to affect the material by increasing moisture and water spray.Photodegradation test is mainly to accelerate the aging of the test material by enhancing the light intensity. Humidification or water spray can also affect the material. The higher the moisture content, the more damage will be caused to the material.The negative effect of humidity on weatherability and colorfastness of materials is widely recognized.

In effect, xenon lamp aging test equipment can be used for the selection of new materials, improve existing materials or evaluate the change of durability after the change of material composition. The equipment evaluates the light resistance of materials by exposing them to ultraviolet, visible and infrared light.Xenon lamp aging test equipment uses filtered xenon arc lamps to produce a full sunlight spectrum with a good match to sunlight, a good way to test the sensitivity of products to the longer wavelengths of ULTRAVIOLET and visible light in sunlight passing through glass.

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