What properties should be tested for zinc oxide and how?

Zinc oxide is a chemical substance with the chemical formula ZnO. It is a white powder that is commonly used in various industrial applications such as rubber, plastic, coatings, ceramics, glass, medicine, etc. In addition, zinc oxide is also widely used in daily cosmetics and sunscreens to provide protection.

Performance of detection

Purity of substanceEnsure that there are no impurities in the zinc oxide to ensure its performance and application effect
Particle size distributionParticle size and distribution have an important influence on the properties and applications of zinc oxide
Specific surface areaIt affects the surface properties, chemical reactivity and photocatalytic performance of zinc oxide
Form of crystalIt affects the crystal structure, stability and optical properties of zinc oxide
Specific gravityAffects the density and physical properties of zinc oxide
Solubility ofFor coatings, plastics and other applications, the solubility of zinc oxide has an impact on its stability and film formation properties
Thermal stabilityEnsure that zinc oxide will not decompose or degrade under high temperature conditions
Photocatalytic performanceFor zinc oxide used in photocatalytic materials, its photocatalytic performance is one of the key properties
Electrical propertiesZinc oxide has excellent electrical properties and is widely used in electronic devices and other fields

The performance requirements for zinc oxide are different in different application fields, so the specific performance requirements and detection methods may also be different.

What properties should be tested for zinc oxide and how?

Method of detection
The following are the properties of some common zinc oxide and the corresponding testing methods:

PerformanceMethod of detection
Particle size and specific surface areaParticle size analysis, specific surface area test
Crystalline phaseX ray diffraction
Purity of substanceSpectral analysis, thermal analysis
Oil absorption capacityOil absorption test
Degree of colorChromaticity test

For the detection of particle size and specific surface area, the common particle size analyzer or specific surface area tester can be used. X-ray diffraction can be used to detect the crystalline phase of zinc oxide, which can help determine its crystal structure and purity. Spectral analysis and thermal analysis can be used to test the purity of zinc oxide. The oil absorption test can be used to determine the oil absorption performance of zinc oxide, which is important for its use in some applications. Finally, the chroma test can be used to detect the color properties of zinc oxide.

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