Advantages, disadvantages and application of three methods of adhesion of paint film

The Introduction

In the coating industry, the determination of film adhesion is one of the important means of coating quality and performance evaluation. Different adhesion measurement methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and are suitable for different situations. This paper will introduce several common adhesion measurement methods of paint film, including GBT 1720, GB/T 9286 and GB/T 5210, and analyze their characteristics, application scenarios, advantages and disadvantages.

1. GB/T 1720 “Determination of adhesion of paint film”

The GBT 1720 standard uses a paint film adhesion tester to evaluate the adhesion properties of the coating by applying vertical pressure and torsion of rotational motion to the paint film. This method is applicable to various coating types and can simulate the adhesion properties of the coating under different stresses. However, this method need special equipment and instruments, operation is more complicated.

2. GB/T 9286 “Paint and varnish paint film marking test”

GB/T 9286 standard uses a grid cutter to cut the lattice pattern on the coating surface, and then attaches the adhesive tape to tear off, by observing the situation of the paint film falling off the substrate to evaluate the adhesion. This method is easy to operate, does not require special equipment, and is suitable for field use. However, as it is only a qualitative evaluation, accurate adhesion values cannot be provided.

Advantages, disadvantages and application of three methods of adhesion of paint film

3. GB/T 5210 “the determination of coating adhesion ferrari should mean”

GB/T 5210 adopts the tensile test, which is equivalent to the international standard ISO 4624. The method through open sample and adhesion between substrate layer, to determine adhesion. The physical concept of this method is clear, and the data of adhesion force can be obtained. However, this method is more complicated to operate, need to wait for adhesive cured after test, less guoquan method and case method is quick and easy.

4. The advantages and disadvantages of the methods and applications

GBT 1720 method: Suitable for various coating types to simulate adhesion properties under different stresses. But need special equipment, the operation is relatively complex, suitable for coating production environment, adhesion to provide quantitative data.

GB/T 9286 method: simple operation, suitable for field use, but can only provide qualitative adhesion evaluation, unable to obtain accurate data.

GB/T 5210 method: determination of adhesion by pulling method, has the advantage of clear physical concept, but the operation is more tedious, need to wait for curing, suitable for accurate evaluation of adhesion.

In practice, can according to the specific situation to choose the appropriate methods for film adhesion test. The GBT 1720 method is a good choice if you want accurate values and are able to operate professional equipment. For field test or qualitative evaluation, GB/T 9286 method is more simple and practical. If you need accurate data and able to deal with the complexity of the operation, GB/T 5210 adhesion method can provide more specific values.

Advantages, disadvantages and application of three methods of adhesion of paint film

Conclusion 5.

The determination of film adhesion is an important part of the coating quality evaluation. Different adhesion measurement methods have their own application scenarios and characteristics. The choice of the appropriate method depends on the actual needs, whether the pursuit of quantitative data or rapid evaluation, suitable solutions can be found from these methods. In the coating industry, comprehensive utilization of various methods to evaluate film adhesion, helps to fully understand the quality of the coating performance and make reasonable control.

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