How does the disperser find the center of gravity?

To find the center of gravity of the disperser, follow these steps:

Disconnect the power supply: Make sure the disperser is off and disconnect the power supply to ensure safe operation.

Preparation tool: Prepare a stable support table or bracket on which to place the disperser.

Find the balance point: Find the balance point on the bottom or base of the disperser. This is usually a larger or heavier component, such as a motor, drivetrain, or other important component.

Place the disperser: Place the disperser slowly on the support table or bracket to ensure that the area of contact between the disperser and the support table is uniform to achieve stable support.

How does the disperser find the center of gravity?

Adjust the position: if the disperser has obvious instability or tilt on the support table, the position of the disperser can be adjusted gently to keep it balanced.

Verify center of gravity: Gently shake the disperser to make sure it is balanced and not tilted. If the disperser remains stable when shaken, the center of gravity has been found.

Finding the center of gravity of the disperser is very important because it helps to ensure the stability and safety of the disperser. Before performing any maintenance, cleaning or adjustment operations, ensure that the disperser is balanced and placed on a stable support platform. If you have any questions about the operation or need further guidance, it is recommended to consult the equipment manufacturer or professional technical personnel.

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