What is the grinding wheel of the disperser used for?

The grinding wheel of the disperser is an important part of the disperser, which is mainly used for grinding and dispersing solid particles or powders to evenly disperse them into liquid media. The following are the functions and functions of the grinding wheel:

Grinding: The grinding wheel grinds and pulverizes solid particles by means of high-speed rotation and contact and friction with granular materials. It can effectively refine the granular material and improve the dispersion effect.

Dispersion: While the grinding wheel is rotating, the solid particles and liquid medium are fully mixed and dispersed. It can evenly disperse solid particles into liquid, forming a stable dispersion system.

What is the grinding wheel of the disperser used for?

Homogenization: In the process of high-speed rotation, the grinding wheel produces strong cutting and shearing action, which can decompose the granular material into smaller particles to achieve homogenization effect.

Accelerated chemical reaction: The high speed movement and strong shear force of the grinding wheel can promote the reaction between the granular material and the liquid medium, and accelerate the chemical reaction.

In short, the grinding wheel plays a multiple role in the dispersing machine, such as grinding, dispersing, homogenizing and accelerating chemical reactions, which can effectively disperse solid particles into liquid and improve the quality and stability of products. Different models and designs of dispersers may have different types and shapes of grinding wheels to suit different applications and material handling needs.

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