Application of film scraping rod on fine proofing paper

Film scraping rods can also be used for coating applications on fine printing paper. Coating on printing paper can enhance the surface properties of the paper and improve the printing quality, durability and appearance of the final printed product.

Gloss or matte coating

Scraping sticks can be applied to fine printing paper with a gloss or matte coating to enhance its visual appeal. Gloss coatings provide a shiny and reflective surface, while matte coatings create a non-reflective, smooth finish. These coatings can improve the print contrast, color vibrancy, and overall aesthetic of the paper.

Protective coating

Scraping sticks can be used to apply protective coatings on fine printing paper to improve its durability and resistance to scratches, abrasions, and smudges. These coatings form a protective layer that helps maintain the integrity of the printed image and extend the life of the paper.

Varnish coating

Scraping sticks can apply a varnish coating to fine printing paper, adding gloss or satin finishes to specific areas of the print. Varnish can enhance certain design elements, such as logos, images, or text, by adding depth and highlighting. Varnish coatings can also provide tactile effects such as raised or textured finishes.

Application of film scraping rod on fine proofing paper

UV or water based paint

Film scraping rods can be used to apply UV or water-based coatings to fine printing paper for additional protection and visual enhancement. UV coatings offer a high level of durability, scratch resistance, and gloss. Water-based coatings offer a more eco-friendly option, offering a wide range of finishes from matte to highlights.

Special effect coating

Film scraping sticks can apply special effects paint to fine printing paper to create a unique visual and tactile experience. These coatings can include textured finishes, metallic effects, relief or recessed patterns, or even scented coatings. Special effect coatings can add a unique touch to printed materials, making them more memorable and engaging.

The application of coatings on fine printed paper requires specialized equipment and expertise to ensure consistent and accurate application. The choice of coating, the type of paper, and the desired results will influence the specific techniques and parameters used in the coating process. It is recommended to work with an experienced professional or printing service provider for better results.

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