Application of laboratory coating machine on ceramic silicon wafers

Our coating machine has a new application challenge: scraping high leveling fluorescent agent on small area ceramic silicon wafer.

Firstly, the application significance of applying fluorescent agent on ceramic silicon wafers is introduced. The application of fluorescent agent on ceramic silicon wafers by laboratory coating machine is mainly to form uniform and accurate fluorescent layer on the surface of ceramic silicon wafers, so as to enhance its fluorescence effect and function. Such applications are important in many fields of scientific research and industry. Here are some common applications:

Application of laboratory coating machine on ceramic silicon wafers

1. Preparation of fluorescent layer: the laboratory coating machine can evenly coat the fluorescent agent on the surface of ceramic silicon wafer. This ensures that the fluorescent agent is evenly distributed over the entire surface, thus improving the fluorescence effect and visibility.

2, fluorescence sensor fabrication: ceramic silicon coated with fluorescent agent, can be made into a fluorescent layer for sensor applications. These fluorescent sensors can be used to detect and measure various parameters in the environment, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. The choice of fluorescent agent can be optimized according to the desired sensor response.

3. Biomedical application: Laboratory coating machine can be used to prepare fluorescent layer on ceramic silicon wafer for fluorescent labeling in biomedical research and application. By coating specific fluorescent agents on ceramic silicon wafers, applications such as the detection of biomolecules, microscopic imaging and cell tracking can be realized.

4, the improvement of optical devices: coating fluorescent agent on ceramic silicon wafers can improve the performance and characteristics of optical devices. For example, in optoelectronic devices, by coating fluorescent layers on ceramic silicon wafers, light absorption can be enhanced and luminous efficiency can be increased, or used to make optical devices such as lasers and light-emitting diodes.

Application of laboratory coating machine on ceramic silicon wafers

Of course, in addition to the above points, there are other specific application significance and purpose.

In this application, there are actually several operational difficulties. First, the ceramic silicon wafer substrate is a circular piece with a small area, and this small area of scraping and coating is very easy to turn over, such as the substrate running position, coating is not complete scraping and coating, etc. Second, the sample is a fluorescent agent with high levelness. For the sample with high levelness, the speed of manual feeding should be well consistent with the scraping speed of the coating machine to avoid excessive sample flow and affect the coating effect.

Take a look at the final coating effect, as shown below:

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