ASTM G6-07-2020 Standard Test Method for Wear Resistance of Pipe Coatings

Meaning and Purpose

5.1 This procedure defines a test method for comparing the relative wear resistance of pipe coatings.

5.2 Wear resistance can be used to specify a better coating thickness for candidate materials in the development and research work of studying new coating systems or methods and in quality control.

Scope of

1.1 This accelerated test method is a procedure to determine the relative wear resistance of steel pipe coating to coarse abrasive and water slurry. The method is applicable to the testing of all types of electrical insulating pipe coatings and tapes, including thermoplastics, thermoset, and asphalt materials.

1.2 Pipe coatings are generally not subject to the type of wear specified in this article.

ASTM G6-07-2020 Standard Test Method for Wear Resistance of Pipe Coatings

1.3 Zinc and other metal protective coatings can be visually compared, but not enough to meet the electrical requirements of the test method.

1.4 The value of three valid decimals reserved in the International System of Units shall prevail. The values given in parentheses are for reference only.

1.5 This standard is not intended to address all safety issues, if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibility of users of this standard to establish appropriate safety, health and environmental practices and to determine the applicability of regulatory restrictions prior to use.

1.6 This international Standard has been developed in accordance with the internationally accepted standardization principles established in the decisions of the Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Committee of the World Trade Organization on the Formulation of International standards, guidelines and recommended principles.

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