Determination of the freshness of coated films: blending of aesthetics and performance

In the coating industry, freshness is a key quality characteristic, which is used to evaluate the clarity of the reflected image of the coated surface. The freshness reflects not only the gloss of the coating, but also the comprehensive effect of various properties such as smoothness and fullness. This concept is essential for the coating decoration of aircraft, automobiles, precision instruments, household appliances and other products, especially for high-demand fields such as car bodies. This article will discuss the method of measuring the freshness and its application in different fields.

Instruments and devices
The core component of the fresh reflectivity tester is a series of standard fresh reflectivity digital boards. These digital plates are used to indicate the level of distinctness, expressed as DOI value (distinctness of image). The DOI values are divided into 13 grades: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0. Each grade number board is printed with several numbers, the size of which is related to the DOI value, and as the DOI value increases, the printed numbers become smaller and smaller, thus making them more difficult to distinguish by the naked eye. By observing the measured surface and reading the number next to the DOI value that can be clearly seen, the corresponding freshness level can be determined.

Determination of the freshness of coated films: blending of aesthetics and performance

The application of fresh reflection
Car body decoration In the car manufacturing industry, the appearance decoration is one of the important factors to determine the attractiveness of products. The freshness measurement can help the manufacturer to evaluate the quality of the body coating. By ensuring that the coated surface has a high degree of freshness, it can obtain a specular gloss and clear reflection image, improving the attractiveness and value of the vehicle.

In the aviation industry, the quality of the painting is very important for the performance and appearance of the aircraft. The freshness measurement can be used to evaluate the optical properties of aircraft surface coatings. The freshness of the coating determines the visibility and appearance of the aircraft surface in high-speed flight and various weather conditions.

Precision instruments and optical equipment Precision instruments and optical equipment often require a high degree of surface freshness to ensure accurate measurement and observation. The freshness measurement can help manufacturers verify the optical quality of the instrument surface and ensure its performance to a better level.

Home Appliances The appearance of home appliances is very important to consumers. Freshness measurement can be used to evaluate the appearance of coatings on household appliances, including refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, etc. High – quality coating can improve the market competitiveness of products.

Determination of the freshness of coated films: blending of aesthetics and performance

The importance of freshness measurement

The determination of the freshness of a coating is an important quality control step that helps to ensure that the coating meets the expected standards in terms of appearance and performance. Coatings with high freshness usually show the following characteristics:

Specular gloss: The coating surface has excellent specular reflection when reflecting light, presenting a bright appearance.

Clear reflection image: The reflection image of the coated surface is very clear without blurring or distortion.

Smoothness: The coating surface is smooth, without particles or textures, and feels comfortable to the touch.

Fullness: The coating has sufficient thickness to ensure adequate hiding power and durability.

High visual appeal: The appearance appeal of the coating makes the product more competitive in the market.

Determination of the freshness of coated films: blending of aesthetics and performance

The measurement of freshness is an important test method in the coating industry, which helps to evaluate the optical properties and appearance decoration of the coating surface. Whether in car manufacturing, aviation industry, precision instrument manufacturing or home appliance manufacturing, the importance of fresh reflection can not be ignored. By ensuring that the coating has high freshness, manufacturers can improve the aesthetics and performance of their products to meet market demand and enhance competitiveness. Therefore, the measurement of fresh reflectance plays an indispensable role in the coating industry, promoting a better integration of beauty and performance.

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