Guide for selection of spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometer is an instrument used to accurately determine the color of an object. Depending on the application requirements and scenarios, you need to choose the appropriate model. Here’s a description of the various options to help you make a more informed decision.

Type of
Table top type

Suitable for fixed working environment, such as laboratory or quality control department. It is usually more stable and has high measurement accuracy.


Suitable for field measurement, easy to carry, suitable for mobile working environment.

Method of measurement
Type of contact

The surface of the object should be in direct contact with the instrument. Suitable for flat or fixed samples.

Non-contact type

Does not need to contact with the object, suitable for fragile, small or irregular shape of the object.

Guide for selection of spectrophotometer

Diameter of measurement
Select the proper caliber to ensure accurate measurement. Smaller calipers may be suitable for fine samples, while larger calipers are more suitable for large area samples.

Light source
Pulsed xenon lamp

Provides a wide spectral range for a variety of applications.

Tungsten filament lamp

Provides a stable light source, often used for daily measurement.

LED light source

Long life and high energy efficiency.

UV light source

Specific for UV applications such as fluorescent substance measurement.

Guide for selection of spectrophotometer

Sphere of integration
Size determines the range of light collected. The choice is based on practical application.

Repeatability of chromaticity value
The smaller the value, the better the repeatability and the more stable the measurement results.

Measure the shape
Choose an instrument that matches the shape of the sample you are measuring to ensure accuracy.

Computer software

Suitable for data analysis, report generation and complex measurement tasks.

Mobile phone APP

Convenient for field measurement and quick reading.

No software

For basic measurement needs.

Guide for selection of spectrophotometer

Special Functions
Select additional functions as required, such as gloss measurement, fluorescent material measurement, etc.

When choosing a spectrophotometer, not only the basic parameters such as measurement methods, light sources and special functions should be considered, but also the brand quality, user friendliness, calibration requirements, after-sales service and price should be taken into account. Make sure the model you choose meets your specific needs, work environment, and budget, and delivers consistent, accurate performance.

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