How to solve the speed deviation of high-speed disperser?

When there is a deviation in the speed of the high-speed disperser, the following solutions can be tried:

Calibration speed: Use a professional speed measuring instrument to accurately measure the speed of the disperser and compare it with the set value. If the speed deviation is found to be large, the speed calibration can be carried out. The calibration method can be referred to the operating manual of the disperser or the equipment manufacturer.

Check the drive train: speed deviation may be related to the drive train. Check whether the drive belt, drive belt, gear and other transmission components are loose, worn or damaged. If there is a problem, replace or adjust in time.

Check motor control: Speed deviation may also be related to motor control. Check whether the power supply of the motor is stable and whether the setting of the motor controller is correct. Ensure that the motor can work according to the set speed.

How to solve the speed deviation of high-speed disperser?

Cleaning and lubrication: The rotating parts of the disperser may be affected by impurities or deposits, resulting in deviation of the speed. Clean the rotating parts of the disperser regularly and lubricate them timely to ensure smooth operation.

Adjustment device and parameters: Some dispersers may have a speed adjustment device or parameter setting, which can correct the speed deviation by adjusting the speed regulator, parameter setting or program control.

Consult a professional: If the above methods cannot solve the problem of speed deviation, it is recommended to consult the equipment manufacturer or professional technical personnel for more detailed guidance and support.

It is important to ensure that the power supply is disconnected and relevant safe operating procedures are followed before any repair or adjustment operations are carried out. Depending on the specific dispersion model and equipment characteristics, different solutions may be required, so it is recommended to refer to the equipment’s operating manual or consult a professional.

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