Key properties of waterproof coatings and their detection methods

Waterproof coating is a kind of coating with waterproof performance, which can effectively prevent water penetration and water damage on the coating surface. Waterproof coating is widely used in building roof, basement, toilet, swimming pool, water tank and other buildings waterproof, moisture-proof and maintenance protection. Its performance has excellent water resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance, etc., can provide comprehensive protection and maintenance for buildings.

Test performance and instruments
The following are the key performances of waterproof coatings to be tested and the instruments and equipment to be used:

Factor of performanceInstruments and equipment
Water resistance propertyWater resistance test equipment
Pollution resistance performancePollutant attachment performance testing equipment
Force of adhesionAdhesion test equipment
Weather resistanceSpectral radiation test chamber, xenon lamp aging test chamber
Seismic resistance performanceSeismic performance test equipment
Thickness of thicknessThickness measuring instrument
Color and glossColorimeter, gloss meter

Key properties of waterproof coatings and their detection methods

Step of detection
The following is the performance of waterproof coating to be tested and its detection steps:

Water resistance: Use water resistance test equipment to test the water resistance of the coating.

Pollution resistance: The pollution resistance of the coating is tested using the pollutant attachment performance testing equipment.

Key properties of waterproof coatings and their detection methods

Adhesion: Use adhesion testing equipment to test the adhesion of the paint.

Weather resistance: Use spectral radiation test chamber or xenon lamp aging test chamber to test the weather resistance of the coating.

Seismic performance: Use seismic performance testing equipment to test the seismic performance of the coating.

Thickness: Use the thickness tester to test the thickness of the coating and record the test results.

Color and gloss: Test with colorimeter and gloss meter under standard light source.

For some special coatings, it may be necessary to use other instruments and equipment for testing, and the specific operation steps will be different.

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