ISO 1518-2011 Paints and varnishes – Scratch Test

What does ISO 1518 describe?

The ISO 1518 standard applies to paints and varnishes. Its purpose is to determine the scratch resistance of the matrix. The first part involves constant load method.

The ISO 1518 standard can specify test methods to determine, under defined conditions, the penetration resistance of single or multi-layer systems of paints, varnians or similar products. This test is to use the designated load applied laser pen.

The penetration of the stylus can be carried out in two ways: either to the substrate or, in the case of a multi-layer system, to the intermediate layer.

ISO 1518-2011 Paints and varnishes – Scratch Test

Thus, ISO 1518 can be implemented in two different ways:

As a measuring needle through the designated load applied to evaluate whether conforms to the particular specification compliance testing,

As the assessment, and through the needle clamp increase load to determine penetration to the minimum load in the coating.

Note that ISO 1518 does not specify the method of using rounded stylus, as this is specified in ISO 12137. The choice between approaches will depend on the particular practical problem.

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