ISO 4621-1986 “Specification for chromium oxide green pigments for coatings”

A Preface
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The international standard ISO4621 was developed by Technical Committee ISO/TC 35, Paints and varnishments.

Users should note that all international Standards are subject to revision from time to time unless otherwise stated, and unless otherwise stated, any reference herein to any other international standard means a new version of it.

ISO 4621-1986 “Specification for chromium oxide green pigments for coatings”

Scope and field of application
This standard specifies the requirements and corresponding test methods for chromium oxide green pigments suitable for general use.

2 Reference Materials
ISO 385/1, laboratory glassware — Burettes — Part 1: General requirements.

ISO 648, Laboratory glassware — Single label pipettes.

ISO 787, General test methods for pigments and fillers —

Part 1: Comparison of pigment colors.

Part 2: Determination of volatiles at 105°C. Part 3: Determination of substances readily soluble in water —

ISO 4621-1986 “Specification for chromium oxide green pigments for coatings”

Thermal extraction method.

Part 5: Determination of oil absorption value.

Part 7: Determination of residues on sieves – water method – manual procedure.

Part 9: Determination of pH value of aqueous suspensions.

Part 16: Determination of relative coloring intensity for equivalent coloring values) and color-visual comparison methods for the reduction of colored pigments.

Part 20: Comparison of dispersibility (oscillatory oscillatory method).

ISO 4621-1986 “Specification for chromium oxide green pigments for coatings”

ISO 842, raw materials for paints and varnishes – Sampling.

ISO 1042, Laboratory glassware — Single-labeled volumetric flasks.

ISO 3696, laboratory water use — Specification. 1)

ISO 3856/6, Paints and varnishes – Determination of “soluble” metal content – Part 6: Determination of total chromium content in liquid parts of paints – flame atomic absorption spectrometry.

ISO 6713, Paints and varnishes — Preparation of acid extracts from paints in liquid or powder form.

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