ISO 6503-1984 “Paints and varnishes — Determination of total lead content — Flame atomic absorption spectrometry”

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The international standard ISO 6503 was developed by the Technical Committee ISO/TC 35 for paints and varnishes.

1 Scope and domain of application
This standard describes a flame atomic absorption spectrometry method for the determination of total lead in paints and related products.

This method is suitable for products with total lead content in the range of approximately 0.01 to 2% (m/m).

Note – This method is also suitable for products with total lead content greater than 2 % (m/m), but should only be used if the accuracy does not exceed the appropriate value given in 7.2.

Two methods to deal with the test part are given. In case of dispute, the dry ash method (Clause 4) shall be used as the method of adjudication.

To determine lead in test solutions, the dithiazole spectrophotometry specified in ISO 3856/1 May be used as an alternative method.

ISO 6503-1984 “Paints and varnishes — Determination of total lead content — Flame atomic absorption spectrometry”

2 Reference Materials
ISO 385/1, burette for laboratory glassware – Part 1: General requirements.

ISO 1042, Single label volumetric bottles for laboratory glassware.

ISO 1512, Paints and varnishes — Sampling.

ISO 1513, Paints and varnishes — Examination and preparation of test samples.

ISO 3696, Laboratory water – Specification.

ISO 3856/1, Paints and varnishes – Determination of “soluble” metal content – Part 1: Determination of lead content – Flame atomic absorption spectrometry and dithiazole spectrophotometry.

ISO 5725, Accuracy of test methods – Determination of repeatability and reproducibility by inter-laboratory testing.

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