vacuum alloy analyzer

A650 Vacuum type Compact portablehigh precision alloy analyzer metal spectrometer

A650 X-ray fluorescence analyzer is a high-end analytical instrument developed for many years by the Best Spectrum Instrument, which is specially customized for non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, mineral processing and smelting, and geological industries.

A650 Vacuum type Compact portablehigh precision alloy analyzer metal spectrometer
Technical specification

Measuring element rangeFrom sodium to uranium.Measured concentration rangeppm — 99.99% (different elements, different analysis range)
State of measurement objectPowder, solid, liquidElemental analysis abilityDozens of elements ranging from sodium (Na) to uranium (U) can be measured at a time
Optimal resolution129eV±5eVOptimum analysis accuracyRSD≤0.1% (National standard sample)
Analysis timeSingle test time is adjustableRefrigeration modeElectric refrigeration, without any consumables
Large sample cavity size400mm x 340mm x 80mmVacuum sample chamber sizePhi 100 mm x h75mmAppearance size
Appearance size700mmx510 mmx336mmWorking power supplyAC 220V ±5V, 50Hz
Working environmentIndoor temperature 15 ~ 30ºC; Relative humidity ≤80% (no condensation)Machine weight56KG

Performance characteristics

Analytical efficiencyWith high speed, high precision and high efficiency, the self-developed analysis software can simultaneously complete the synchronous and accurate analysis of dozens of elements from 11 sodium (Na) to 92 uranium (U) within 1-120 secondsFunctional advantage1. Appearance design: generous and beautiful, durable, multiple safety protection mode.

2. Collimating filter system: collimating + multi-combination filter, software automatic switch, meet a variety of test applications.

3. SES signal processing system (digital multi-channel) independently developed is adopted to effectively improve the peak back to back ratio and make the measurement more accurate.

4. Multi-dimensional heat dissipation system: Optimize the integrated heat dissipation design to improve the heat dissipation performance of the whole machine and ensure the operation safety of the X-ray source

5. Radiation safety system: multiple anti-radiation leakage design, radiation protection level belongs to the highest of similar products

6. Vacuum system: Select the vacuum system, optimize the test environment, improve the analysis accuracy of magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur and other light elements, and greatly expand the analysis ability of EDX8000H analyzer.

7. Unique movement temperature monitoring technology ensures the safe and reliable operation of the ray source, effectively prolongs its service life and reduces the use cost

Hardware advantageThe whole set of core components is imported

1. Detector: The original Amptek silicon drift SDD probe from the United States, with the lowest resolution of 129eV±5eV, excellent energy linearity and energy resolution, peak-to-back ratio.

2. X-ray tube: maximum power 50W, tube voltage 5-50KV, tube current 0-1000uA; Long life X-ray tube.

3. High voltage power supply: maximum power 50 W, voltage 0-50 KV, current 0-1000uA. 8-hour stability ≤0.05%.

4. Signal processor: Adopt imported signal processor, adapt to high resolution and high count rate, self-tuning magnification, the maximum number: 4096.

Software advantageDanaher and our company jointly developed the Chinese version of X-ray fluorescence analysis software, which integrates empirical coefficient method, theoretical α coefficient method, linear fitting, quadratic curve, strength correction, content correction and other analysis methods to fully ensure the accuracy of test data.

Instrument configuration

System standard configuration1. Digital multi-channel SDD detector

2. X-ray sources

3. High voltage power supply

4. Sex to noise ratio electronic circuit system

5. Optical path enhancement system

6. 8 collimation +5 filter

7. Digital multichannel analyzer

8. Vacuum pumping system

9. Branded inkjet printers

10. Branded computers

11. X fluorescence full element analysis software

12. Sample cup and fuse

13. Regulated power supply for spectrum (optional)

System selection1. Special Grinding machine for spectrum (optional)

2. Spectroscopic Fusion Machine (Optional)

3. Special Powder Making machine for Spectrum (optional)

4. Platinum Crucible for melting sample (optional)

5. Special Tablet press for spectrometer (optional)

Product application

A-650 spectrometer can analyze the following samples and elements (oxides) :

Sample typeElement category
Sinter/pellet oreTFe, Si, Ca, Mg, Al, Mn, Ti, P, S, K, V, etc
Blast furnace slag/converter slagTFe, Si, Ca, Mg, Al, Mn, Ti, P, S, K, V, etc
Refining slagAl, Ca, Si, Mg, Fe, Ti, etc
Premelted slagCa, Mg, Al, Si, Fe, P, S, etc
Calcium aluminateSi, Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, etc
Calcium ferriteFe, Al, Ca, Si, S, P, etc
Manganese-rich slagMn, Fe, P, S, Si, Al, Ca and other elements
Iron concentrate powder/iron oreTFe, Si, Ca, Mg, Al, Mn, Ti, P, S, K, V, etc
Hematite/magnetiteTFe, K, Na, S, P, Al, Si, Mg, Ca, Mn, Zn, Cu, Ti, etc
Lead-zinc orePb, Zn, Ag, Cu, Sn, Fe, S, Cd, Mo, As, etc
Manganese oreMn, Si, P, S, Al, Ti, K, Zn, Ca, Mg, etc
titaniteTi, Mn, Fe, Si, P, S, Al, K, Zn, Ca, V, Cu, Mg, etc
Copper mineMn, Fe, S, Cu, Pb, As, Au, Cd, Zn, Ag, Mg, etc
chromiteFe, P, S, Al, Cr, Ca, Mg, Si, etc
refractoryHigh silica clay Si, Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, K, Na, S, P, etc

High alumina, Al, Fe, Ti, Na, K, Mn, Ca, Mg, Si, P, etc

High magnesium magnesia Mg, Ca, Si, Al, Fe, etc

corundumWhite corundum Al, Na, Si, Ca, Fe, etc

Brown corundum Al, Si, Ti, Fe, etc

Black corundum Al, Si, Ti, Fe, etc

Chrome corundum Al, Na, Cr, Fe, etc

Zirconium corundum Zr, Si, Al, Na, Fe, Ti, Ca, Mg, K, etc

Cement raw/clinkerSi, Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, K, Na, S, Cl-, etc
limestoneS, P, Al, Si, Fe, Ti, Mn, Sr, Ca, Mg, etc
dolomiteS, P, Al, Si, K, Na, Fe, Ti, Mn, Sr, Ca, Mg, etc
wollastoniteSi, Ca, Fe, Al, Ti, Mg, etc
serpentineMg, Si, K, Na, Ca, Fe, Ti, Mn, Al, S, P, etc
mulliteAl, Si, Fe, Ti, Ca, Mg, K, Na, etc
Magnesia alumina spinelAl, Mg, Ca, Si, Na, Fe, etc
fluoriteCa, P, S, Si, Al, Fe, Mg, Ti, Mn, K, Na, etc
Coal gangueSi, Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, Ti, P, V, etc
Quartz sandZr, Si, Fe, P, S, Al, Ti, etc
rutileTi, S, P, Fe, Nb, Ta, Cr, Sn, etc
garnetCa, Mg, Fe, Mn, Al, Cr, etc
Pig ironSi, Mn, P, S, Ti, Cr, V and other elements
High manganese pig ironFe, Mn, P, S, Si, Cr and other elements
Ferrosilicon alloyAl, Si, Ca, Na, Mg, P, S, Fe, Cr, Mn, Cu, Ba, etc
Silicon manganese alloyMn, P, S, Si, etc
Silico-zirconium alloySi, Ca, Al, Ba, ZR, Mn, etc
Barium calciumSi, Al, Ba, Ca, etc
Barium silicon calcium/calcium silicon/barium siliconSi, Ba, Ca, Ba, Fe, etc
Nickel ironNi, Mn, Si, Cu, Co, Cr, V, S, P, etc
Iron vanadiumV, Mn, Si, P, S, etc
ferrochromeCr, Si, P, S, V, Fe, Mn, Ti, etc
ferromanganeseMn, Si, P, S, Cr, Ni, V, Fe, etc
Iron niobiumNb, Al, Si, S, P, etc
Smelting leadLead Pb, antimony Sb, Tin Sn, bismuth Bi, iron Fe, silicon Si, calcium Ca, sulfur S, etc
Electrolytic manganeseManganese Mn, sulfur S, phosphorus P and other elements
Tin slagTin, Sn, Fe, iron, Si, silicon, Ca, calcium, etc
Vanadium slagVanadium V, Manganese Mn, chromium Cr, titanium Ti, calcium Ca, silicon Si, etc
glassSi, Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, K, Na, etc
Fly ash (thermal power Plant)Si, Al, Fe, Ca, Ti, Mg, K, Na, S, Mn, etc
Spheroidizing agent (rare earth magnesium silicon alloy)Mg, RE, Si, Ca, Al, etc
inoculantSi, Ba, Ca, Al, etc
Creep agentMg, Re, Ca, Si, Al, etc
Covering agentCa, Si, Mg, Al, Fe, etc
Tube mould powderSi, Ca, Al, Ba, ZR, Mn, etc
Slag removerCa, Si, Al, etc
Sintered fluxSi, Ti, Ca, Mg, Al, Mn, S, P, etc
Brazing powderTi, Zr, Ni, Cu, Ag, Zn, Sn, Si, Mn, Ni, Cr, P, etc
aluminaSi, Fe, Ca, Mg, etc
Industrial siliconAl, Ca, Fe, Ti, Mn, Ni, etc


A650 vacuum alloy analyzer

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