Small UV Weather Tester/UV Aging test machine


Ultraviolet accelerated aging test box is our company’s ultraviolet accelerated aging test in luv-i

On the basis of the box of newly developed micro-machine products, the technical parameters fully comply with the national standard.

GB/T1865-2009;ISO11341:2004 artificial weathering and radiation exposure of paints and varnishes.

ISO4892 plastics – methods for exposure to laboratory light sources ASTM D3451 coatings powders and powder coatings Testing », ASTM D3794« testing of coil coatings ».The instrument adopts LCD display

Intuitive, easy to operate, replacing the (old) luv-ii instrument cumbersome operation;High precision digital temperature is adopted

The temperature control precision is greatly improved by degree sensor and PID adjustment.It also added the ability to remember time,

The sudden power failure during the test process is avoided, which causes the test to start again.

Small UV Weather Tester/UV Aeing test machine Main technical parameters

  1. Total power: 1.25kw
  2. Power supply: AC220V/50Hz
  3. Timing range of test time: 1s~999h59min59s
  4. Spraying time timing range (double setting) : 1s~99h59min59s
  5. Test temperature setting range: 38±3℃
  6. Uv peak nominal wavelength (photon energy) : 313nm(91.5kcal/gmol)
  7. Power of ultraviolet fluorescent lamp: 0.02kw×3
  8. Rated life of lamp: 1600h
  9. The diameter of the axis distribution of the lamp tube to the turntable: 80mm
  10. The nearest distance from the lamp tube wall to the sample: 28 ~ 61mm

11, bogie rotating sample diameter: Ø 189 ~ Ø 249 mm

  1. Power of the sample frame driving motor: 0.025kw
  2. Speed of transmission motor: 1250r.p.m
  3. Rotating speed of sample frame: 3.7cp.m
  4. Pump power: 0.08kw
  5. Water pump flow rate: 47L/min
  6. Heat pipe power: 1.0kw
  7. Sample specification: 75mm×150mm×(0.6)mm
  8. Overall dimension of test chamber (D×W×H) : 395 (385) ×895×550mm
  9. Weight: 63kg


 Small UV Weather Tester/UV Aging test machine

Product overview

This device is suitable for predicting paint, coating, plastic and other metals through light and water exposure accelerated aging test

The relative durability of materials, especially suitable for observing the physical property damage of especially durable materials, such as reduced luster,

Fogging, strength reduction, powdering, cracking, foaming, embrittlement and fading, etc.

As with other laboratory accelerated tests, the results of this device cannot be used as a substitute for natural exposure.

The actual durability of the material is determined, but the contrastive test conditions provided by this device can quickly evaluate the resistance to aging of the material.

It is relatively practical to optimize performance, screen or improve old and new formulas, and monitor product quality.

Ultraviolet light is the main factor that causes the durability of outdoor products to decline, coupled with fluorescent lamps

With stable spectral energy distribution and low price, uv aging test box is fast, convenient and economical

It has become the most widely used weather resistance test machine in the world.As a simple type, this device is especially suitable.

Choose the laboratory with limited economic conditions.

The rotating sample frame design used in this device can well compensate for the aging of lamp tube and the difference of each batch.

The uneven defect of light radiation caused by many factors eliminates the need for regular exchange of sample positions in order for general instruments.

Heavy workload.

Since moisture is an important factor to accelerate aging, this device adopts water spraying method to simulate the shadow of moisture

Ring.By setting the spraying time, it can be close to some final environmental conditions, such as temperature

Mechanical erosion caused by alteration or erosion by rain.

In order to meet the use requirements of the weather-resistant testing machine, the structural parts of this device are generally corrosion resistant and rust free

Steel material.The design strives for simple structure, easy to use and maintenance.

At a relatively low cost, you can understand the natural conditions for a long time in a short time

Ability to form material damage, determine the quality gap between test products and control samples.

According to the standard GB/ t1865-2009;ISO11341:2004 paint and varnish artificial weather aging and artificial

It is stipulated that the temperature of test box should be controlled at 38±3oC during artificial climate aging;Relative humidity

For 40% ~ 60% of the artificial climate aging test.


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