Automatic Plastic Notch Sample Machine ASTM D256 ISO 180


Automatic Notch Sample machine is IZOD impact test, the Charpy impact testing machine to do non metal material impact toughness test with notched specimen preparation equipment, notched impact of prototype equipment can be for scientific research institutes, tertiary institutions, non metal materials production plant and other units of the laboratory of notched specimens.

It is used for cantilever beam, beam impact tester do non-metallic material impact toughness test of the notch specimen used sample preparation equipment, can be a clamping 20 samples, machining gap every 10 minutes more than 100, the gap size accurate, high efficiency, operation intensity is greatly reduced.

The instrument is highly automated and the sample preparation is very efficient.The protection device is complete, the installation is convenient, the appearance is beautiful, the design idea of humanization.


Automatic Plastic Notch Sample Machine ASTM D256 ISO 180

Test Standard:

Iso180-2000 “determination of impact strength of plastic – rigid cantilever beam”

GB/T1843 — 2008 impact test methods for rigid plastic cantilever beams

JB/T8761 — 1998 plastic cantilever beam impact testing machine

ASTM d256-2010 test method for determining impact strength of plastic IZOD pendulum

Iso179-2000 “determination of impact strength of plastic-hard materials simply supported beams”

GB/T1043 — 2008 impact test methods for rigid plastic simply supported beams

JB/T8762 — 1998 impact testing machine for simply supported plastic beams


Automatic Plastic Notch Sample Machine ASTM D256 ISO 180


Table stroke: > 160mm

Feed speed: 0-30mm/min adjustable

Sample types: type 1, type 2, type 3

Notch type: A, B (optional), C (optional)


Blade specification

A type tool: 45±1 degree    r = 0.25± 0.025 mm

B type tool: 45 ± 1degree   r = 1.0 ± 0.025

C1 type cutter: 45 ±1degree   r = 0.1±0.02

C2 type tool: the thickness of 1 = 2 ± 0.1   r < = 0.1

C3 type cutter: thickness 2 = 0.8±0.1  r = 0.2 ±0.05 mm

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