CA 30H  Roundness Cylindricity Tester Analyzer 

Principle of instrumental measurement

Using radius measurement method, workpiece rotation. High precision air floating spindle is used as reference. Using imported precision circular grating, precision inductance displacement sensor and computer components. Measure the Angle and radial displacement of the measured workpiece to ensure the accuracy of the angular displacement and radial value of the measured workpiece; The measurement software adopts CA system measurement software based on Chinese Windows operating system platform to complete data collection, data processing and printing.

Measurement functions

Measuring function: cylindricity meter, roundness, straightness, coaxiality, concentricity, end runout, end runout, verticality, parallelism, flatness

Analysis functions: surface waviness, spectrum analysis, wave height analysis, adjacent chip runout, segment difference

Roundness evaluation method (4 kinds) : minimum area method, least square method, minimum circumscribed circle method, maximum circumscribed circle

Roundness filtering method: 1, 1-500, 1-150, 1-50, 1-15, 15-500

Waviness filtering: 3-16, 3-17, 15-500, 17-100

Filtering form: Gaussian (ISO standard)

CA 30H  Roundness Cylindricity Tester Analyzer 

Technical specification

Measure rangeMax diameterф300mm
Min inner diameterф3mm
Max height420mm
Accuracy of principal axisradial error±(0.025+5H/10000)μm
axial error±(0.025+6X/10000)μm

Parallelism between axis of rotation and z-axis guide rail

2μm/300mm(Busbar benchmark)
workbenchMesa diameterφ160mm
swing diameterφ320mm
load capacity30Kg
adjustment rangeAdjustable eccentric±2mm ; Adjustable level±1°
rotational speed0-12 rpm(adjustable)
ColumnStraightness (narrow range)0.5μm /100mm
Straightness (full range)0.8μm /300mm
horizontal armHorizontal travel distance160mm
Move speed0.5-6mm/s OR MANUAL
SensorStroke500μm (Radius difference)
Needle shapeRuby ball probe(diameter 2mm)
Sensor direction/adjustment Angleeither direction/±45°
 data collectionImports grating 7200point/week
magnificationAny to a maximum of 200,000 times

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