ES-E Series Standard Semi-microbalance Analytical Scale Tester


The unique sensor technology, high precision, high resolution rear electromagnetic force sensor ensures the accuracy, stability and fast response of weighing results.

 unique separation design

The display unit is separated from the weighing unit to avoid the impact of vibration on the balance when operating the key, and the measurement process can be monitored from multiple angles.

 optimization of small sample weighing function

Using the latest digital processing technology, while maintaining the balance reading stability, greatly improve the response speed to the micro sampling; Make customers add sample quantity and balance reading consistent, suitable for powder and liquid trace add sample, with excellent accuracy.

 LCD liquid crystal display

LCD LCD screen, clear and bright screen, reasonable layout, convenient for users to read the weighing results.

 transparent glass wind shield

The sample can be seen in all directions during the weighing process, and can also be disassembled and cleaned to realize fast cleaning.

 a variety of weighing mode

Basic weighing, percentage weighing, checking mode, counting weighing.

 various weighing unit conversion functions

Units such as grams (g), carats (Ct), ounces (oz) and pounds (lb) can be switched freely.

 built-in RS232 bi-directional communication interface

Can realize the balance and computer, micro printer connection. The weighing results can also be transmitted to other open applications such as PC.

 automatic calibration system, to ensure accurate weighing

When the temperature changes by 1.5℃ or more than 2 hours since the last calibration time, the balance will automatically start the calibration function, avoiding the potential factors of untimed calibration or inaccurate external weights, making the user’s weighing results more accurate and reliable, and reducing unnecessary operations (internal calibration balance only).

ES-E Series Standard Semi-microbalance Analytical Scale Tester
linear error(≤)(mg)±0.02/±0.1±0.03/±0.1±0.05/±0.1±0.02/±0.1±0.03/±0.1±0.05/±0.1±0.05
 calibrationFully automatic internal calibration
operating temperature range10℃~30℃
Operating humidity range20%RH~80%RH
Response time (mean)2.5  second/6 second
Sample plate sizeΦ90mm
boundary dimension470mm×310mm×320mm
Display size185mm×100mm
Height of weighing room240mm
Startup preheating time30-60 second
Dc adapterinput:220V AC/50HZ;output:12V DC/2A
Baud rate300、600、1200、2400、4800、9600
expertise ratingⅠ lever

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