HT-30A Fully Automatic Rotary Mixer

Applicable mix range: 0.5 liter-20 liter Drums of coating
Apply paint tank size.: h=70mm-390mm Diameter=70mm-300mm
Revolution speed: 60r/min-200r/min
Rotation speed: 120r/min-400r/min
Working voltage: 220V 50Hz
Power: 750W
Net weight: 187Kg
Gross weight: 228Kg
Machine size: 1010(H) ×860(W) ×710(D) mm
Package size: 1095(H) ×900(W) ×800(D) mm
Mix time: 0-9 minutes 45 s
Have the following advantages:

HT-30A Fully Automatic Rotary Mixer

Automatically run the self-check program every time, until all parts of the machine can meet the starting requirement. If there is any abnormality, the controller will automatically pass.

After digital display and buzzer output prompt, request to reset (reset work machine to complete automatically) to ensure machine safe operation.

Full digital display real-time running status or running time to ensure that operators have a clear understanding of the operation.

The machine inner container support table can be moved smoothly and fixed, and the application is time-saving and time-saving.

Automatically determine the capacity type of drum container, and the output is suitable for rotary mixing speed.

When mixing, rotate and rotate in all directions simultaneously.

Multi-stage intelligent frequency conversion speed control, the fast and slow control output is just right to ensure smooth operation.

Open door stop protection device, safe and reliable.

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