Applicable blend range: 0.5 liter-20 liter Drums of coating
Suitable for mixing tank height range.: 100mm-380mm
Vibration frequency: 710 times/minutes
Work voltage: 220V 50Hz
Rate of power: 0.75Kw
Net weight: 195Kg
Gross weight: 240Kg
Machine size: 1040(H) ×860(W) ×710(D) mm
Package size: 1095(H) ×905(W) ×805(D) mm
Have the following advantages:

High speed and complete mixing – mixing the paint in 30 seconds as soon as possible.

Can mix 0.5 litre -20 litre barrel coating.

Operate with a small noise and a certain safety bar.

A large door with a forward barrel to support the loading of the barrel.

Secure interlocks – to prevent the machine from running when the door is opened.

The height of the barrel can be adjusted according to the appearance and size of the bucket.

Timing: 0-15 minutes.


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