HVS-50 microvickers hardness tester metal price

OverviewHVS-50 digital small load Vicker hardness tester adopts unique precision design in mechanical, electrical, and light source to make indentation imaging clearer, measurement more accurate. It uses color liquid crystal display screen, high-speed 32-bit microprocessor control system, fully realizes man-machine dialogue and automatic operation. It has the advantages of high testing precision, simple operation, high sensitivity, convenient use, stable indication and so on. It controls test force automatic application, retention, removal, hardness value direct display and other functions by the motor.
The body part is molded by casting process and has been treated for a long time. Compared with the splicing process, the shape variables of the casting one are extremely small, and it can effectively adapt to all kinds of harsh environment.
Car paint, high grade lacquer, strong scratch resistance, still bright as new after years of use.
The optical system designed by the senior optical engineer is not only clear in image, but also can be used as a simple microscope. The brightness is adjustable, the vision is comfortable, and the long time operation is not easy to fatigue.
Using high-resolution measurement and observation objective lens and high-definition digital measuring eyepiece with a length encoder, which realizeds the one-key measurement of diagonal length of indentation, and eliminates the errors and troubles of manual input in the reading process.
Optional CCD Image processing system and video measuring device.
Bluetooth module, Bluetooth printer, Bluetooth PC receiver can be selected to achieve wireless printing and wireless data transmission.
The precision is in accordance with GB/T4340.2 ISO6507-2 and ASTM E384 standards.
Application range1.Ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, IC sheet, surface coating, and laminated metal; 2. Glass, ceramics, agate, gemstones, thin plastics, etc. 3. Hardness test of depth and gradient of carbonized and quenched layers.
Technical parameters
Measuring range
Test force
9.807N(1.0kgf) 49.03N(5.0kgf)
98.07N(10.0kgf) 196.1N(20kgf)
294.2N(30kgf) 490.3(50kgf)
Optical measuring system
Objective lens:10×,40×
Total magnification:100×,400×
Measuring range:200μm
Division value:0.025μm
Maximum allowable height of specimen
Distance from head center to machine wall
Power supply

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