Low Temperature Water Bath


Adopt the latest high performance single chip microcomputer control, self-tuning PID adjustment, inlet temperature sensor temperature measurement, temperature control precision, low volatility;Adopt the high quality famous brand refrigeration compressor, the refrigeration efficiency is high, the cooling is fast, the noise is low;Adopt high quality all-seal stirring motor, lubricate grease not volatile, low noise long life.With large screen backlight liquid crystal display screen, the parameters are clear and clear, beautiful and fashionable temperature bath control temperature is accurate, complete function, stable and reliable, easy to operate and safe.

Low Temperature Water Bath


The thermostatic water bath (oil bath) adopts the latest high performance single chip microcomputer control, self-tuning PID adjustment, imported platinum resistance, high temperature control precision and low volatility.USES the high quality refrigeration compressor, high efficiency cooling fast, whole sealing mixing motor, low noise long life, adopt unique large-screen backlit LCD screen, the parameters are clear, beautiful and fashionable.It can protect the thermostatic liquid level protection device, which can effectively prevent the malfunction of the instrument and the heating tube.The instrument is stable and reliable, and the operation is convenient and safe.

Constant temperature bath at low temperature can be both inside the water tank temperature experiment was carried out directly, also can make use of external loop function, via the hose connected with other equipment, will be controlled constant temperature trough liquid lead to other devices.

Is widely used in biological engineering, medicine, food, chemical industry, metallurgy, chemical analysis, oil and other fields, to provide users with a high precision, controlled, uniform temperature constant field source, is the institute, the institutions of higher learning, factory laboratory, quality testing department ideal constant temperature device.

Low Temperature Water Bath

Main technical specification

Temp range℃-30~100
Temperature accuracy±0.01℃
Accuracy of adjustment0.1℃
Display resolution0.1℃
Temperature fluctuation± 0.05℃(Water or pure ethanol)
 Temperature control modeMicrocomputer temperature control, self-tuning PID adjustment.
Tank volume6L
Liquid level protection device.Have
Opening size145 × 145 × 150(L×W×D)mm
Pump circulation modeOuter loop
Pump flow10L
Cooling wayCompressor refrigeration
Outside size340 × 405 ×670(L×W×D)mm


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