LR-232-CP series air tightness detector



LR-232-CP series air tightness detector


KY-232-CP series air-tightness detectoradopts the principle of direct pressure and uses air as the medium to pick up the leakage of the product. It is a non-destructive testing instrument.The working principle is to inflate the test product to the specified air pressure, then close the valve, after a period of stability, measure the change of air pressure during the test period, calculate the leakage through conversion.With its high precision and complete function, this instrument is widely used in sealing testing of open products or parts of closed products.


LR-232-CP series air tightness detector

Functional features

  • 7 inch touch screen display, Chinese and English language switch.
  • High resolution 24-bit pressure AD converter.
  • Large leakage, small leakage 2 alarm functions.
  • OK,NG computing function.
  • The XY axis curve shows the recording of test pressure and leakage.
  • Test pressure units KPa, mbar, Psi, KGF /cm2,inn hg,mm hg
  • Leakage unit Kpa,ml/min
  • 8 sets of channel parameters save, can be external toggle program
  • Usb disk history storage, query, print, delete, screenshot
  • PLC input and output I/O interface, can connect automatic equipment
  • Volume measurement of test products (optional)
  • RS485 communication interface (optional)
  • Barcode scanner interface (optional)
  • Microprinter interface (optional)


Application fields


Automotive industry, aerospace industry, home appliance industry, medical industry, bathroom industry, packaging industry, new energy industry.


LR-232-CP series air tightness detector

Technical Specification

Testing way1.Leak test for open product (air pressure attenuation)
2.Leak test for closed product (air pressure attenuation)
3.Leak test for open product (air pressure attenuation)
Test pressure displayUnit:kpa,mbar,psi,kgf/cm2,in Hg,mm Hg
Display range:±9999.99
I/O interface5 input signals / 6 output signals
USB interface1 pcs standard assignment /(1 option)
RS485interface1 pcs(optional)
Printer interface1 pcs(optional)
Connecting pipingOuter diameter 6mmPU tube
PowerDC 24 ±5%
Rate of power40W
WeightAbout 8KG
Test gas source0.4MPa-1.0MPa Clean dry compressed air source
Ambient temperature, humidityTemperature for 5-40 ℃, 80% RH, no condensation


Overall dimensions


LR-232-CP series air-tightness detector

Model choose: LR-232-CP-ABCDE   For example:LR-232-CP-20011

Choose ItemMarkInstructions
KY232SeriesKY-232Direct pressure type air tightness detector
CPBasic gas pathCP(Open product/closed product)Air pressure detection air path
ATest pressure1Mechanical regulating valve  2KPa-20Kpa(Resolution 0.001Kpa)
2Mechanical regulating valve  5KPa-100Kpa( Resolution 0.001Kpa)
3Mechanical regulating valve  10KPa-400Kpa(Resolution 0.003Kpa)
4Mechanical regulating valve  50KPa-900Kpa(Resolution 0.007Kpa)
5Electrically pressure regulating valve 5KPa-100Kpa(Resolution 0.001Kpa)
6Electrically pressure regulating valve 10KPa-400Kpa(Resolution 0.003Kpa)
7Electrically pressure regulating valve 50KPa-900Kpa(Resolution 0.007Kpa)
BMeasurement of test product volume0No volume testing function of test products
1Have volume testing function of test products
CRS485 communication interface0No RS485 communication interface
1Have RS485 communication interface
DBarcode scanning interface0No barcode scanner interface
1Have barcode scanner interface
EWeChat printer interface0No microprinter interface
1Have microprinter interface



Can Purchase the accessories below:

1U disk4External pressure device
2Bar scanner5Standard leak hole
3Microprinter6Product seal test fixture


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