Carton compressive strength tester is a special carton inspection instrument.The standard type of microcomputer carton compressive strength tester has the following five test ranges: 400*600* 600mm, 600*800* 800mm, 1000*1000* 1200mm,

* 1200 * 1200 * 1500 * 1500 mm and 1500 mm;The compressive tester can measure force value in the range of 50 ~ 100000 t (10) N, in addition to the above test range, the company also provides custom color box compressive strength testing machine, according to the special requirements of users for modification and customization.


Accuracy: less than or less than 1%

Measurement range: (50~10000)N

Measurement size: (600*800*800) other dimensions can be customized.

Resolution: 0.1N

Error of deformation: no more than or minus 1mm

Pressure plate parallelism: less than 1mm

Test speed: (10 + / 3) mm/min (stack: 5 + 1mm/min)

Return speed: 100mm/min

Unit interchange: N/Lbf/KGF interchange

Man-machine interface: 3.5in liquid crystal display, the belt curve shows the change process

Printer: module type thermal printer

Working conditions: temperature (20 + 10 ° C), humidity < 85%

Appearance size: 1050*800*1280mm

Test Standard

GB/T 4857.4 “pressure test method for packing and transporting packing parts”

GB/T 4857.3 “test method for the static load stacking of packaging transportation packaging”

Iso 2872 packaging – complete and fully loaded transport package – pressure test

ISO2874 packaging – a complete and full packing package – stacking test by pressure tester

QB/T 1048, cardboard and compressive strength tester


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