LR-N50 meat tenderness tester

Product Introduction

LR-N50 meat tenderness tester simulates the chewing effect of human teeth on muscle and various food, measures the shear value of muscle and food sample, and the numerical display of the measurement results, expressing the tenderness of food.The muscle tenderness meter can quickly measure the muscle tenderness, and can also measure the tenderness, hardness and other physical parameters of fruits, vegetables, flour products and so on. It can provide direct data for meat quality analysis and livestock breeding.It is the ideal testing equipment for food manufacturers, quality inspection, commodity inspection, universities, scientific research and other departments.

How it works: Tenderness is the amount of shearing force required to cut meat.The shear force is the force used by the tool of the test instrument to cut the meat sample under test.The force of the cutting tool when cutting the meat sample was recorded by the measuring sensor of the measuring instrument and the peak value of the shear force (the maximum value of the force) was taken as the tenderness value of the meat sample.

Tenderness is an important index to evaluate the edible physical properties of meat products, which reflects the structural characteristics of various proteins in meat, the distribution of fat in muscle and the amount of fat in muscle fiber.


Execution standard: NY/T 1180-2006 meat tenderness determination shear force determination method

NY/T2793-2015 Methods for Objective Evaluation of Meat Quality


LR-N50 meat tenderness tester

Main technical parameters:

Measuring range(0~250) N or (0~25) KGF
Shear speed1mm/s (0.1~1.3)mm/s adjustable
samplerCircular borehole sampler (diameter 1.27cm)
Tool thickness3.0mm±0.2mm
The inner Angle of the cutting edge 60°
The height of the incision in the inner triangle≥35mm
Anvil bed mouth width4.0mm±0.2mm
Voltage220V 50HZ
Weightabout 28kg


LR-N50 meat tenderness tester

Product features:

1, the use of American chip control, high precision force sensor, high precision.

  1. Adopt high-performance stepping motor and precision ball screw drive to ensure the precision of the instrument transmission.Aluminum alloy panel, high quality alloy steel cutting tool, reasonable design, ensure the instrument durable.

3, Large touch screen Chinese display, compression curve, friendly man-machine interface operation.Fully automatic completion of testing.Easy to operate, with test data statistical processing function, micro printer output.The standard RS232 interface facilitates the external connection and data transmission between the system and the computer

4, muscle or food standard sampler (¢12.7mm) random supply.It is suitable for all kinds of animal and poultry muscle food and all solid food with tenderness within (0~250) N.

5, unit selection diversity, users can switch between unit N and kg according to need.


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