NDJ-1C-T High Temperature Viscometer/Viscosity Test Machine


The dynamic viscosity of hot melt adhesive, asphalt, paraffin and other high temperature melt materials can be measured.With the advantages of accurate, rapid, intuitive and simple measurement, the instrument is recommended by the adhesive industry standard compilation and selected by customers in related industries.

The machine adopts microcomputer drive technology, imports and stepper motor LCD backlit display, timing measurement, level bubble front, smooth speed, good accuracy and procedural design, easy operation and error alarm functions, such as screen directly display viscosity, rotational speed, torque and rotor number, is the information such as the temperature of the liquid.The full range of the instrument, all the linear degree of each block through the PC interface, with different viscosity of the standard samples for calibration, to ensure that the instrument has a good precision and repeatability.


NDJ-1C-T High Temperature Viscometer/Viscosity Test Machine

Main features:

  1. Measurement data is directly displayed on the LCD screen without secondary calculation.
  2. Adopt microcomputer drive technology, imported stepper motor, accurate speed, stable and reliable.
  3. Switching power supply technology is adopted. The voltage and frequency range are wide.
  4. The horizontal display device is on the front of the viscometer, which is very convenient to adjust (new function).
  5. The viscosity value is displayed to two decimal places, namely 0.01mPa.S (new function).
  6. With the function of timing measurement, it is very practical for detecting non-newtonian liquid (new function).
  7. Some wax-like samples have very low viscosity and can be measured with 0# rotor (added function).
  8. The high temperature furnace adopts built-in integral heating, with uniform heating and small thermal inertia;
  9. The temperature controller adopts the self-tuning PID adjustment technology of the latest algorithm, which makes temperature control precise.Large-screen backlit LCD displays the information of setting temperature, actual temperature, working condition and heating power directly, which is easy to operate.
  10. Can automatically display the viscosity range that can be measured for the selected combination.
  11. With print interface, it can directly connect to micro printer to print various data (new function).
  12. Optional data processing software can record the change of viscosity with time, speed or rotor (shear rate) and temperature in real time, which provides a good method for understanding the viscosity and rheological properties of non-newtonian liquids.


NDJ-1C-T High Temperature Viscometer/Viscosity Test Machine


Determination of viscosity of adhesives

HG/T 3660-1999 T hot-melt adhesives – determination of melt viscosity

And asphalt viscosity test standards.


NDJ-1C-T High Temperature Viscometer/Viscosity Test Machine


DisplayBacklight liquid crystal, digital display
Rotor(r/min)0.5 / 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 50
Measure range

1-2000 (use 0# rotor,optional)

Measure error
Repetitive error(Newtonian liquid)±1.5%
Timing functionStandard configuration
Auto scan function


Automatically scan and recommend preferred combination of rotor and speed
Shows the maximum measurement rangeThe selected rotor and rotational speed combinations are automatically displayed in a measurable viscosity range
Automatic display of kinematic viscosity Need to input the density of the sample
Self-built measurement proceduressave 30 sets (including rotor, speed, temperature, time, etc.)
Save measurement resultssave 30 sets of data can be saved (including viscosity, temperature, rotor, rotation speed, time, density, motion viscosity, etc.)
 Viscosity curve


 Real-time display of viscosity curve
 Print Data and curve can be printed (standard with print interface, need to choose a printer)
Heating methodsElectric heating
Temperature control rangeRT+10℃~250℃
Temperature control accuracy0.1℃
Temperature measuring interfaceHave
Data output interface


Data processing softwareOptional
Outside size(mm)300 × 300 × 450


NDJ-1C-T High Temperature Viscometer/Viscosity Test Machine

Standard configuration

Host machine1pcsRotor21/#、27#、28#、29#
Outer barrel2pcsTemperature control device1pcs
High temperature furnace1pcsPower wire1pcs
 certificate of quality1pcsOperate manual1pcs
warranty card1pcs 

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