Thick 880 coating detector nondestructive illumination tester Coating thickness gauge
Application field

1.Electroplating plant
2.Electronic appliance factory
3.Steel works/alloy works
4.Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision
5.Automobile manufacturing
6.Test center

Thick 880 coating detector nondestructive illumination tester Coating thickness gauge
Advantages and characteristics

1.Ultra-high resolution, ultra-clear camera, ultra-convenient operation, ultra-fast detection speed, ultra-user-friendly interface

2.Easy-to-use, one-click analysis of carat grades and components

3.Innovative features that help identify the composition of the coating

4.Compact body structure, beautiful appearance, suitable for placement in the exhibition room

5.Accurate results on sample coating thickness can be obtained within seconds of pressing the button

6.Using PC and software, you can quickly and easily make the inspection result certificate of the sample

7.Users can see the test location of the sample through the camera and the cabin lighting system, which enhances their confidence in testing

8.Thick Series analyzer test data can be downloaded and uploaded to the network, and test results are easy to view and share

9.X-ray protection lock, only in the closed state of X-ray emission, safe and reliable to ensure customer use

Thick 880 coating detector nondestructive illumination tester Coating thickness gauge
Instrument performance

1. Any number of alternative analysis and identification models

2. Multivariable nonlinear recycling program

3. Independent matrix effect correction model

4. Long-term working stability can reach 0.1%

5. Built-in high-definition camera

6. It can analyze more than dozens of elements and five layers of coating at the same time

7. Repeatability of multiple measurements can reach 0.1%

8. The coating thickness is generally within 50um (each material is different)

Element analysis rangeSulphur (S)~ uranium (U)High voltage power supply0~50KV
Detection limitUp to 2ppm, coating analysis can analyze samples with a thickness of 0.005umAppearance size380*372*362mm
Analytical contentGenerally, ppm to 99.9%filterYou can choose a variety of custom switches
detectorImport from USASample cavity size310*280*60mm
weight29kgLight tube tube flow0~1000uA
Test time10~100sMultichannel analyzer4096 access multichannel analyzer JPSpec-DPP
Ambient temperature15~30°CRelative humidity35-70%
Power requirementsAC220 soil 5V50/60HZ

Electroplating thick layer detection
Thick 880 coating detector nondestructive illumination tester Coating thickness gauge
Electroplating process is to use the principle of electrolysis to lay a layer of metal on the conductive body to form a coating.
The performance of the coating is different from that of the substrate metal, and it has new characteristics to enhance the corrosion resistance of the metal (coated metal is mostly made of corrosion-resistant metal), increase hardness, prevent abrasion, improve the conductivity, smooth, heat resistance and surface appearance
According to the type of coating and the application of different products, there are also strict requirements for the thickness of the coating, which needs to be strictly controlled
X-ray method is suitable for determining the thickness of metal covering layer which needs to be analyzed in electroplating, electronic circuit board and other industries. Including: gold (Au) silver (Ag), tin (Sn), copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), chromium (Cr) and other metal element thickness.
This measurement method can simultaneously measure the thickness of multilayer metal coating

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