Vertical And Horizontal Table With Accelerometer

Technical parameters of vibration testing machine

◎Product overview: electromagnetic vibration test series are widely applicable to national defense, aerospace, communications, electronics and automobiles, home appliances and other industries.This type of equipment is used for detecting early faults, simulating actual condition assessment and structural strength test. The product has a wide range of applications, wide applicable surface, and remarkable and reliable test results.

◎ humanized operation and control, using professional control software control, make the equipment work more stable, more reliable

◎ the whole machine is made of compound industrial materials, precision processing, super quiet

◎ the table panel is made of magnesium aluminum alloy material, which can completely isolate the magnetic field interference and effectively prevent magnetization of the measured object

◎ sweep frequency and fixed frequency operation mode, adapt to different industry testing requirements

◎ high precision frequency output, four-point synchronous vibration, even vibration table

◎ strong anti-magnetic and anti-interference ability

◎ has the safe and reliable protection function

◎ the platform body adopts high efficiency and low noise fan to cool down, ensuring a long time of continuous operation

◎ it has constant vibration amplitude vibration and constant acceleration vibration

◎ the system is equipped with high-precision vibration sensor to collect acceleration indicator, amplitude indicator and frequency indicator in real time


Vertical And Horizontal Table With Accelerometer

Technical parameters

Frequency range (Hz) :5~500

Sweep frequency range (Hz) : 5~500

Maximum acceleration (m/s2) :170

Maximum test load (kg) : 40

Maximum no-load displacement (mmp-p) : 0~2.5 (automatic adjustment) and 0~5 (manual adjustment)

Vibration waveform: sine wave

Vibration axial: vertical and horizontal

Excitation mode: electromagnetic excitation

Vibration control mode: closed loop control

Data acquisition method: vibration data acquisition instrument + acceleration sensor

Acceleration sensor :1 pcs(built-in vibrating table body)


Vertical And Horizontal Table With Accelerometer

Sensor parameters:

Signal input channel: 1 channel input, the input impedance is greater than 220 k Ω, channel automatically set range, preset the sensitivity of the sensor, the coupling method (DC)

Resolution: 24 bit A/D converter

Filter: analog anti-aliasing filter +160dB/oct digital filter eliminates nonlinear phase distortion and aliasing

Signal conditioning: charge input, built-in sensor constant current source and charge amplifier.

Signal-to-noise ratio: >100 dB

Operating mode: constant frequency mode (constant amplitude mode and constant acceleration mode)

Sweep mode (constant amplitude scan and constant acceleration scan)

Multistage model

Sweep frequency: linear

Operation mode: touch screen control

Cooling mode: air cooling

Operating temperature requirement (℃) : 0~+40

Operating humidity requirements (%RH) : 0-90, no condensation

Power requirements: three-phase AC 380V/50Hz ±10%

System power consumption (KVA) : 3.8

Touch screen LCD: 10 “TFT LCD

Brightness of touch screen: 350cd/m2

Touch screen color: 65536 colors

Touch screen resolution: 800×480

Work table material: magnesium aluminum alloy

Table screw size (standard) : M8 (customizable)

Number of table screws: 8 (customizable)

Total weight (kg) : 75

Table size W.D.H. (mm) : 550×550×43

Table size W.D.H. (mm) : 1100×800×450

Control cabinet size W.D.H. (mm) :420×300×750


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