Stromer Viscometer (KU) : Accurate measurement and multi-field

In modern industry, viscosity is a key parameter in the flow properties of liquids. Stomer viscometer, also known as KU viscometer, as an important test instrument, has been widely used in coating, food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, new materials, new energy and other fields. This article will discuss the working principle, application industry and precautions of Stromer viscometer.

Principle and characteristics of viscometer
The Stromer viscometer stands out for its ability to accurately measure viscosity. It is mainly used to determine the viscosity of paints and other coatings, which is expressed by the KU value. Unlike traditional weigh-based viscometers, Stromer viscometers use advanced technology to read the KU, gm and cp values of the tested sample directly through the display. In addition, the instrument can also measure the temperature of the sample, and can set the start time of the test and the measurement time, and display the measurement graph in real time to provide the operator with comprehensive data.

Stromer Viscometer (KU) : Accurate measurement and multi-field

Multi-field application
Stromer viscometers play an important role in many different industries. Here are some of the main application areas:

1. Coating industry: In coating production, accurate control of viscosity is the key to ensure coating quality. The Stromer viscometer helps manufacturers monitor the fluidity of coatings to ensure uniformity and stability during coating.

2. Food industry: In the process of food processing, the consistency of some liquid foods is crucial to the taste and quality of products. With the Stromer viscometer, food producers can accurately control the fluidity of the product and ensure its consistency during processing and packaging.

3. Daily chemical industry: The viscosity of cosmetics, shampoo, body wash and other daily chemical products also needs to be controlled to ensure the use experience and effect of products. The Stromer viscometer provides the daily chemical industry with an effective tool for adjusting the viscosity parameters of products.

4. Pharmaceutical industry: In the process of drug manufacturing, the consistency of the liquid can affect the stability of the drug and the release of the drug effect. The Stromer viscometer helps pharmaceutical manufacturers monitor and adjust the consistency of liquid medicines to ensure quality and performance.

5. Automotive industry: automotive lubricants, coolants and other liquids need to maintain appropriate viscosity during engine operation to ensure normal engine operation. The Stromer viscometer can be used to assess the fluidity of liquids at different temperatures.

6. New materials and new energy: In the field of research and development of new materials and new energy, the measurement of viscosity is of great significance for the performance and applicability of materials. The Stromer viscometer provides researchers with a tool to evaluate the fluidity and properties of new materials.

Stromer Viscometer (KU) : Accurate measurement and multi-field 

Application environment and precautions
To ensure the accuracy and stability of the Stromer viscometer, attention should be paid to the following environmental and operational details:

The viscometer should be placed on a table away from strong air flow, strong magnetic field, strong electric field and strong electromagnetic pulse interference.

The temperature in the laboratory should be maintained at 25 ° C ±2 ° C, and the relative humidity should not exceed 75%.

The temperature of the test sample should be maintained at 25 ° C ±0.2 ° C.

Handle the instrument gently before and after use to avoid damage to precision measuring components.

Do not open the instrument housing by yourself, so as not to affect the accuracy of the instrument.

When the instrument is not in use, keep the lifting handle on the high limit device to avoid the phenomenon of inflexible lifting. After each test, remove the blade and wash it to keep the blade clean.

Stromer Viscometer (KU) : Accurate measurement and multi-field 

The blade is the sensor connected to the instrument. Do not pinch the blade with your hand when rotating, so as not to damage the sensor and cause measurement errors.

The warranty period of the product is one year, and improper use or man-made damage is not covered by the warranty.

The instrument should be checked regularly every year to ensure its normal performance, and it can also be sent to the metrological supervision department for testing.

As an important tool for viscosity measurement, Stromer viscometer plays a key role in various application fields. With proper operational and environmental control, the instrument can provide reliable viscosity data for production and research in various industries, thereby promoting product quality and innovation.

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