This article tells you the key inspection performance of art paint

Art paint is a decorative paint that enhances the aesthetic and artistic effects of surfaces through properties such as color, texture, and gloss. Art paint can be based on different needs and scenes, present a variety of unique decorative effects, such as antique, metal, matte, etc. Art coatings are widely used in building interior and exterior walls, decorations, furniture, crafts and other fields, and can add unique style and charm to architecture and interior design.

Test performance and instrument
The following are the key performances of art coatings to be tested and the instruments and equipment to be used:

Performance factors Instruments and equipment

Factor of performanceInstruments and equipment
Color and glossColorimeter, gloss meter
Sense of textureTactile instrument, 3D image measuring instrument
Drying timeDrying time tester
Scrubbing resistanceScrubbing resistance tester
Scratch resistanceScratch resistance tester
Resistance to chemicalsChemical resistance testing equipment
Resistance to heatHeat resistance test equipment

This article tells you the key inspection performance of art paint

Detection method steps
The following is the performance of art coating to be tested and its testing steps:

Color and gloss: Test with colorimeter and gloss meter under standard light source.

Texture: Test the texture of the coating using a tactile instrument or a 3D image measuring instrument.

Drying time: Use the drying time tester to test the drying time of the coating.

This article tells you the key inspection performance of art paint

Scrubbing resistance: Use the scrubbing resistance tester to test the scrubbing resistance of the coating.

Scratch resistance: Use a scratch resistance tester to test the scratch resistance of the paint.

Chemical resistance: Use chemical resistance testing equipment to test the chemical resistance of the coating.

Heat resistance: Use heat resistance testing equipment to test the heat resistance of the coating.

Please note that the above testing steps are only general instructions, and the actual operation should be carried out according to the nature of the specific coating, the use environment, the standard specification and other factors. For some special coatings, it may be necessary to use other instruments and equipment for testing, and the specific operation steps will be different.

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