Working principle of high speed shear emulsifier

High speed shear emulsifier is a kind of commonly used emulsification equipment, widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. It works on the principle of emulsifying, dispersing and mixing materials based on the shear and shear forces of high-speed rotating blades.

Working principle of high speed shear emulsifier

How it works

Structure composition: The high speed shear emulsifier is usually composed of host, motor, transmission system, blade group and container. The main engine includes a frame and a driving part, and the blade group is composed of a rotating blade and a fixed blade.

Blade movement: The motor drives the blade group to rotate at high speed through the transmission system. A shear zone is formed between the rotating blade and the fixed blade, and the material is subjected to shear and shear force in the shear zone.

Material handling process: When the emulsifier is started, the material is added to the container, and the high-speed shear force is generated by the rotation of the blade group. The shear force causes the material to form high-speed turbulent motion and shear deformation between the blades. Under the action of shear force, the bonds between molecules are broken and small particles or droplets are formed.

Emulsifying effect: under the action of high-speed shear, the liquid phase and solid phase in the material are evenly mixed, and tiny particles or droplets are formed to be suspended in the continuous phase. Through continuous shearing and emulsification, the particle size of the material is gradually reduced, so as to achieve the effect of emulsification, dispersion and mixing.

Working principle of high speed shear emulsifier

The working principle of the high-speed shear emulsifier is to generate shear force by rotating the blade at a high speed, so that the material is dispersed, emulsified and mixed. The specific emulsification effect depends on the blade design, rotation speed, material characteristics and processing time and other factors. According to different process requirements, the blade shape, rotation speed and processing time can be adjusted to obtain the desired emulsification effect

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