Zeen cup method for determining the viscosity of coatings

In the coating industry, viscosity is a key parameter, which directly affects the fluidity and coating performance of coatings. Therefore, accurate determination of the viscosity of coatings is essential for production and quality control. This article will introduce a common method, namely the Zeen viscosity cup method, used to determine the viscosity of coatings.

1. Scope and description

Zayn viscosity cup, also known as Zayn viscosity cup, is a tool commonly used in the determination of paint viscosity. It has a wide range of applications and can quickly and easily determine the viscosity of coatings in the laboratory and on the construction site. The characteristic of the Zeen cup is that it can be dipped into the test liquid and can be used regardless of whether the liquid is hot or cold. The viscosity of the liquid is measured in Zahn No# seconds based on the time it takes for the filament flowing out of the cup to break.

Zeen cup method for determining the viscosity of coatings

2. Instruments and materials

In order to determine the viscosity of coatings, the following instruments and materials are required:

Zeen Viscosity cup: Volume is (44±1) mL.

Thermometer: The range is 0°C to 50°C, the index is 0.2°C.

Stopwatch: The division is 0.2 seconds.

3. Determination method

Here are the steps for determining paint viscosity with Zeen Cup:

First, stir the liquid to be measured thoroughly and measure its temperature.

Hook the small ring on the handle of the viscosity cup with your finger and immerse the cup body in the liquid for 1 to 5 minutes to achieve thermal balance.

Then, quickly and smoothly pull the viscosity cup vertically out of the liquid, starting the timing immediately when the upper edge of the cup body comes out of the liquid level.

During the process of liquid discharge, ensure that the viscosity cup is no more than 150 mm away from the liquid surface. Stop timing when the first break point occurs in the steady stream filament flowing from the small hole at the bottom of the cup.

Zeen cup method for determining the viscosity of coatings

4. Result presentation

The result of the measurement is expressed as the time of liquid outflow (seconds). The difference between the two measurements should be less than 5% of the mean.

5. Instrument description

The Zeen Viscosity cup is a bullet-shaped stainless steel cup with corrosion and solvent resistance. There is a precise hole in the bottom of the cup, and the volume is 44 ml. Zeen viscosity cups are available in various sizes with different bore sizes and can be used to measure liquids ranging from 5 to 1800mm²/s. See Table 1 for specific technical parameters.

Zeen viscosity cup is an outflow type viscometer, so the measured number of seconds can be calculated by a specific constant k and c to calculate the motion viscosity, the specific calculation formula is: v = k(t-C), where v represents the motion viscosity (mm²/s), t represents the outflow time (seconds), k and c are the corresponding constants.

In summary, the method of determining paint viscosity by Zeen Cup is a common and effective measurement technique that can be used for viscosity control and quality assessment in the paint industry. By accurately determining the viscosity of the coating, manufacturers can ensure the consistency and performance of the product, thereby improving the production efficiency and quality of the coating.

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