ASTM D412-0 “Specification for Appearance Inspection of Baking Paint of an Enterprise”

1. Purpose:

In order to ensure that the quality of products can meet the requirements of customers, and make the appearance inspection of products can be based on the consistency of inspection standards, specially formulated.

2. Scope:

All the company’s paint products are applicable.

3. Definition:

3.1. Side A:

The surface observed from the front after the product is installed.

3.2. Side B:

After the product is installed, the observer must rotate 90 degrees horizontally from side to side to be able to see the surface, that is, the left and right sides of the product.

3.3.Side C:

After the installation of the product, the surface that is not easy to see by the observer, that is, the bottom or back of the product.

ASTM D412-0 “Specification for Appearance Inspection of Baking Paint of an Enterprise”

3.4. Color Difference:

Refers to the phenomenon of different shades of color for products of the same color.

3.5 Impurities:

The surface of the paint is more obvious convex attachment, rough touch

3.6 Adhesion:

Peeling of a lacquer from underneath or between materials.

3.7 Scratches:

The surface of the lacquer is scratched by a sharp object and the lacquer is exposed to the substrate.

ASTM D412-0 “Specification for Appearance Inspection of Baking Paint of an Enterprise”

4. Inspection conditions:

4.1. Under the condition of 40W fluorescent lamp, the product is about 80cm away from the light source;

4.2. The inspector puts on gloves, holds the product, and the distance between the product is 30cm or an extended arm distance. The inspector can inspect the product visually without any amplification instrument;

4.3. Three-second rule for inspection: that is, under the above inspection conditions, visually inspect the same side and place for 3 seconds (referring to a defect, rather than the time taken to inspect the whole product);

5. Inspection standards

5.1. Material Inspection Standard:

Plane of divisionItem of inspectionStandard of inspectionMethodTools


A.B.CNo scratchesA.B.C is not controlledVisual. Hand modelEyes. Arms.

See if there is a scratch. Touch with your finger


Feel scratches B is not available, and Zone C is not controlled

Visual. Hand touch



A.B.CMore material than materialA.B zone is not greater than 0.5mm three points. Zone C does not affect the acceptable configuration

Visually. Compare point gauges

Real match.

Eyes. Point gauge

Solid spare parts

Visually whether there is excess material shortage. If the useful point gauge comparison is beyond the standard. Whether real allocation affects the allocation
A.B.CBurr and burrA.B zone does not shave hands. Zone C does not affect the acceptable configuration

Visual. Hand touch.

Real distribution

Eyes, arms.

Solid spare parts

See if there are burrs. If the useful hand touches and does not scratch the hand, it is OK. Whether the actual matching affects the combination
A.B.CoxidationA.B.C. is not acceptedVisual inspectionEyesVisual inspection of rust. Oxidation

ASTM D412-0 “Specification for Appearance Inspection of Baking Paint of an Enterprise”

5.2. Inspection Standard of baking Paint:

Plane of divisionItem of inspectionStandard of inspectionMethodToolsSteps
A.B.CDifference of colorZone AB is not accepted. Zone C is not controlledVisually. Compare swatchesEyes. SwatchesSee if the product is consistent with the color palette
A.B.CImpurities and impuritiesZone A allows 2 below ψ0.3mm, without scraping the hand. Three places below ψ0.5mm are allowed in zone B, while zone C is not controlledVisually, compare the point gaugeEyes, point gaugeVisual inspection of the product for impurities, if there are comparison point gauge standards
A.B.CPoint of numbnessTwo places below ψ0.5mm are allowed in zone A, three places below ψ0.5mm are allowed in zone B, and no control is allowed in zone C

Check whether the product has pockmarks, if there is a comparison point standard

A.B.CScratch and scrapeScratches of the paint coating on the substrate are not allowedVisual inspectionEyesCheck the product for scratches
A.B.CForce of adhesion100 grid test, less than 5% is qualifiedHundred grid testBagel knife, tapeDraw 10 *10 horizontal and vertical cross, spacing 1mm square, need to see the substrate and then use hundred tape tape
RemarksIf the customer has special requirements on the appearance of the product, the customer shall prevail.

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